What We Have

Whatever it is you have, trust me, you have it. Everybody has something, big or small is not the question. Size doesn’t because size is always relative. Either way, no matter how little this may seem or big or in-between; everyone has something. Everyone has a trick they’re trying to pull off. In the end, the ultimate goal is to unveil their masterpiece someday and say, “Ta-Da!”

As I write to you, I am watching the pastel colors of dawn trace some of the clouds above the old Church called Old Wesley Chapel. This is across from me. The streets are quiet now. First light is still pretty young but your or not, the sky is beautiful to me.
I am looking through my window, which, somehow, I feel you can see this. The trees near me are starting to change color now. The mountains behind my home and the landscapes around me are about to see a great transformation. My town is small and quiet. There is history here, which dates back to the days of Washington.

There is a quaintness about my neighborhood that I can only describe as a small mountain town. I am away from the city life, away from the noise, the contamination of over-crowded places, and my surrounding is pretty much unmolested by the bright lights of technology. My street and the streets around me are somewhat hilly, which make for amazing walks—especially when the seasons begin to change. It’s beautiful here.
In the mornings, I drive down a road to reach my bus, which takes me in to go to work. The homes are spread apart. There is no traffic around me, just sporadic cars, passing to make their way to wherever it is they need to go.

This is all part of my trick. I am trying to reach you, to make you think, to make you see what I see, and to give you a vision of something wholesome, like say, something out of a Norman Rockwell painting, even if only through the written word. My trick is part of my artwork, in which, I hope to someday paint a picture with words so I can pull off my masterpiece one day and say, “Ta-Da!”.

I am now and always have been (and always will be) a fan of the sunrise. There is a little lake up the road. Perhaps you remember me describing this to you. On mornings like this, the sky is so clear and the surface of the lake is like a mirror. I need to see this.
I need to look for something pretty or beautiful. As it is, we already have reminders of what’s ugly and unhappy.
As it is, we see so much ugliness throughout the day. I can say this without debate; people can certainly be disappointing.

Take the recent news of a 16 year-old boy that was stabbed to death on a fight over a girl.
The tragedy is more than the loss of life, but worse is the insult to injury. This happened in a crowd of peers, and what happened? The kids that witnessed this didn’t call the police or call for help.
No, rather than call for help, the crowd videoed this on their cell phones. What does this say about our young generation?
Please be advised, this is not an isolated incident. I have seen this happen, first hand, on several occasions. Don’t call for help. Just press record and video everything. This is not just a New York thing. I have seen this happen elsewhere throughout the country.
(And so have you.)

Whatever I have, I have it, and I know this. Whatever it is I want to pull off, I have to pull this off because it is too easy to be dissuaded (or jaded) by the current news and ugly politics we see on a daily basis.

I cannot allow myself to be overtaken or overridden by this either. I have to try and take in three most beautiful things that I see. I have to do this each and every day. There is always a top three, which changes throughout my day.
To give you an example, for now, the first beautiful thing I saw is the sunrise. The second was a formation of Canadian geese flying overhead in an off-centered “V” like formation.  
Maybe the third is the doe I saw in the wooded section of my property out back. These things were all beautiful. However, throughout the day, I will be looking at this like a contest. I will be looking to see if there is anything more beautiful than than what I have already seen. At the end of the day, I will have my top three.

The way I see it is if I am actively looking for something beautiful, perhaps, I can navigate away from the ugly truths, which seem to be inescapable at times.

I have this trick I’ve been working on for decades now; nearly five of them, if I need to be exact. My trick has changed more times than I can count.
Or, maybe it is safe to say my ability has changed—or improved, or, maybe the more I mature (because maturity has less to do with age than we think) the more I see that this thing I have (namely me) is my ultimate project.

I have the right to improve. I have the right to seek enlightenment. I have the right to learn and feel and be. I have the right to create and build, and if I should choose; I have the right to deconstruct myself at any given moment so I can rebuild my life to the best of my ability. No one has the right to take any of this from me.

Therefore, I cannot and will not be swayed by the ugliness or the cruelty disguised as sarcasm, nor will I allow there to be an outside source to douse my desire or squelch my voice from being heard. This is also my right —to speak, to be heard, to say what I think or feel without regard for who listens or cares. I have to exercise this right for no one else but myself.

I have to do this or else!
Or else what, you ask?
Or else I will give in or give away my time and my value to a life that is less than desired, which is essentially lifeless and bland; and of all things I never want to be, —bland is at the top of the list

Three things each day: just give me three beautiful things. I know they’re out there. There has to be. The world and the people in it are too beautiful for us not to be able to find three most beautiful things we have seen all day. Even amongst the ugliness and in the ugliest places; trust me, there is something beautiful to be found. We just have to adjust our perspective.

Maybe one of the three beautiful things can be a laugh I heard about silly nothings that only makes sense to me. Another one out of the three most beautiful things of my day could be the hug from a loved one. Or, maybe tonight’s sunset will top the sunrise I saw this morning. Perhaps the fact that I made it through the day, mainly unharmed or unaffected, and that I am alive to see my reflection in the mirror is beautiful enough to make the list of the top three most beautiful things I have seen all day..

It is too easy to see the ugly. It is too easy to focus on the wants and needs which we regretfully don’t have, which, essentially, leads us to more regret.  There is nothing wrong with wanting better. There’s nothing wrong with aiming for better. This is beautiful, especially when our desire needs a boost in flavor. This is why I am on constant look out for something beautiful; to be inspired, to feel connected, and to realize that yes, light does outweigh darkness.

As I see it, there will always be someone around, looking to shoot down someone’s dreams or looking to find cracks in a person’s hope so that can shatter someone’s vision.
As I see it, there will always be someone that is content to live in their crisis; so much so that to them, it is there job to inject crisis into the lives of all that are close to theirs.
There will always be someone out there, looking to abuse their power and promote themselves in self-absorbed fashion because as big as they may seem; their life is truly so small that they fail themselves and fault the world because of it.
I think there will always be someone looking to crush a dream or squash the hopes of us that dare to try.
But this is them. This is their deal and not ours. No, you and me, we have a much brighter deal together. We have a brighter future, so long as we look for it.
What we have together is beautiful. This means everything.
Trust me. This thing we have is ours. We have this and we need to nurture it.
The beauty that can be found here, and that which might make the top three of the most beautiful things about our day is no matter how ugly a surrounding can be, if I am true to myself and true to the trick I am trying to pull off, no matter how ugly or angry things may seem, my surrounding will never degrade me; therefore, I will always be beautiful (Just like you!)


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