Put Me In Coach

My goal is to open doorways to an alternate way of thinking that helps us most. Rather than follow the same patterns and subconscious programs, my aim is to create new ideas that lead to success. I want to create new concepts that will remove the limitations of personal bias.
The idea of wellness is simply balance. This is achieved through a means of practice. The tools that come along with this practice help us with life on a personal level. This also creates freedom with our interpersonal life as well as in the business world and behind the confines of the corporate walls.

Our most valuable property is our mind and our abilities. This is us; however, life has its share of difficulties that range from personal to professional and from financial to situational.
No one among us is able to escape life on life’s terms. Life happens, plain and simple. The way we interact with what happens is what determines whether we rise above and reach our best or simply fall behind and be less than our best possible potential.
This also determines how way we interact with our team and our circle of influence. Keep in mind, balance creates better relationships.

The idea of wellness is to achieve a personal state of balance. Like the Stoic, the goal is to create an honest outlook based on logic and strategy. Our job is to create a detailed plan.
We have to overcome the ideas of overthinking and emotional limitations. Our focus is to create a daily plan that leads us towards daily achievements.

As a coach. my goal is to challenge assumption and evaluate life as it is and not as life appears to be. Our life is often influenced by perception; however, perception is not always truth. In fact, perception can easily be deceived by personal concerns.
Nevertheless, worry is not what leads us through the doorways of achievement. Instead, worry is that which blurs the boundaries of our focus and draws us towards a troubled or emotional response.

What is wellness?

Wellness is balance between body and mind by use of a deliberate practice, which helps provide personal healthcare and creates an overall sense of personal synergy and professional cohesion.

Personal wellness is unique. Although the vehicles toward balance are similar, each individual has their own pathway to success.
In my experience, I have learned that success is relative. I have learned there are private goals and shared goals.
However, depending upon motivation, even shared goals can be different. This is where willingness and commitment dictate the difference between mediocre and exceptional.
This is also where motivation and inspiration help to provide us with the energy we need to sharpen our vision, because, put simply; we cannot create the life we want if we have no idea what this looks like.

What are the tools that help achieve wellness?

  • Create a home team. This will consist of those that are most supportive within your circle of trust and influence.
  • Maintain a routine of physical care through exercise and proper dieting. How we treat us is very important.
  • Find ways to avoid the negative internal narrative by replacing thought with action.
  • “Look the part,” which means dress to be the person you want to be most.
  • Learn time management. Create a schedule that provides a healthy feeling of a beneficial routine.
  • Use the people in your circle of trust and influence to discuss your ideas and thoughts.
  • When searching for a consultant or coach in whichever capacity; be sure this consultant is a match. Do not force any relationship
  • Be mindful that thought is not fact. Opinion is not fact and feelings are not fact. It is important to separate this when focusing on our plans and strategies because overthinking and emotion can often deter us from our blueprint.
  • Breathe. Breathing exercises is essential to help overcome anxious moments. Anxiety is common and can be quite troublesome but trough practice and daily exercise, anxiety can and will become less problematic.
  • Find your best personal outlet. Choose a time for yourself and find a passion that belongs to you. You are free to share this passion or keep this private. Either way, the choice is yours but the goal is to have an outlet that provides you with a sense of joy to reward yourself.

How does wellness affect you?

We perform our best when we are at our best. The idea behind a strong wellness plan is to create a personal state of homeostasis.
Inner stability leads us to success. This creates an inner sense of peace and allows us to navigate away from the choices overly emotional thinking.

People that feel the best are able to work at their best; however, on the opposite spectrum, we tend to make more mistakes and become more critical and more judgmental when we are not “All there.”. This is when we respond or act out in ways that are unlike us and contradict our best possible character.

Why should I choose a wellness plan?

The right wellness plan will help us to achieve our goals and have the life we choose to have. So many people struggle to get their ideas off the ground because of the limitations they set upon themselves.

This is simply a choice between living and existing.

Which is the choice that suits your dreams best?

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