To Build

I have been watching one of the new buildings rise from the ground up in the middle of New York City. I saw this build from a hole in the ground and reach its tallest peak of more than 1400’ above ground level. The spire is high up with an American Flag at the tip, flying high and waving free. I love this.

It is amazing to see what men can build. It is also mesmerizing to stand on the open floors of this building and look out at the scene, to be high in the sky in a naked floor before the windows and the walls go in. It’s beautiful to see the city this way. I had the chance to see this and I was grateful.
You can hear the wind blowing but everything else is so quiet, as if the height drowns the sound of the streets below.
And for the moment, there is a feeling of smallness. For the moment, I was able to stand at the edge of one of the new floors and feel a sense of wonder.

This building is not finished but the all the steel is up. The construction team is dismantling the cranes and lowering some of the unneeded equipment down to street level.
I look at this structure and think about the details that went into building a skyscraper like this. The top of the needle on the spire is so high that it can poke the palm of heaven’s hand. 

I am sure none of this work was easy. This took hours. This took hard work. This took blood and sweat and time. Above all, this took teamwork. Men and women built this building. Men and women of all colors, types, beliefs, and values. I stall for a second to acknowledge the pronoun dilemma; however, I do not take lightly the right to identify. But nevertheless, this journal entry is not about personal identification. Instead, this is about people coming together to build an enormous and incredible structure.

In order for this to be built, the building and its team needed to create a sense of cohesiveness, in which, there were plans and schedules. The team had to work together. Otherwise, there would be no teamwork whatsoever and more and more, the deadlines would be a bitch!

None of this was easy. But easy doesn’t matter when there is a job to do. Easy has nothing to do with work. There can be no sense of intimidation. In order for this to come together, was a network of communication. Otherwise, schedules are meaningless.
Without communication, there is conflict. Conflict creates problems. Problems delay jobs and leaves cracks in the foundation, which the building depends upon in order to remain tall and stand the test of time.

I look at this building with a different regard. I see this as proof that people can work together. I am more than sure there were different opinions on this job site. I am sure there were different belief systems, but yet, still, the mission was accomplished because people had no other choice but to work together. Like it or not, work; otherwise, collect unemployment.

The job was their priority. Priorities make things happen. In this case the priority of building created and constructed a new building in the middle of New York City.

When the priority to build and improve is paramount, buildings are built and plans come together. There was no place for opinion here and no room for emotion. In order for the construction to reach this point, there were plans and strategies. For this to be one of the tallest buildings in Manhattan, dedication was the main focus.

I say this logic applies to us all.
I see us as our own structure. In a sense, we are all like this building. The security of our structure depends upon the security of our base foundation. We need to be mindful of this.
We are equally as complex as the building’s plans. We have wires and ducts and thoughts that travel through neural pathways.
We are a series of trained opinions and a network of trained responses. We have an internal system that needs to be maintained and regulated. Above all, to be efficient, we need to find a sense of self-cohesiveness.
We need to find synergy within ourselves; otherwise, we can work as hard as we choose but we will never stand quite as tall or as sturdy as we would when we are at our best.

I used to argue with people I work with. I used to have the tremendous need to be heard. I had to prove my point. I wanted to be validated. I wanted to be acknowledged. However, sometimes opinions are just opinions and whether I like my tasks or not, there is no room for arguments or negotiation. There is only the task at hand. All else is procrastination and wasted time.

I view life this way. I have to otherwise, life becomes like that never ending meeting with someone always talking and raising new meaningless questions just before the meeting is supposed to end . . . but it never does. Hence, the work is never finished.

I want to maintain a better foundation. I want to ensure my structure is intact. Therefore, going forward, I have to understand that arguing takes time away from my construction. And all I want to with my life is to build from this point onward.

This morning at daybreak, I stood upon a rooftop on Lexington Avenue. I looked up at the new structure and saw what people built, together, as a team.
Nuts, bolts, steel beam, glass, concrete, wires, machines, and duct work and all, there was no room for debate. There was just time to build.
Ever reminding me to cut down on the nonsense as much as possible, find my sense of personal cohesion, stop arguing, stop talking, create my team, maintain it, and build my dream until the needle of the spire is tall enough to poke the palm of the heavens.

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