I like to look up simple words in the dictionary. I look up simple, everyday words and break them down to their true meaning.
Know why?
Because I use these words so often that I overlook the actual meaning.

Like the word “If.”

If means, in case of that or supposing, granting, whether or not; or, as in, “If only,” as in conditional, or an uncertain possibility, as in, “If this is what you want, then . . .”
And then there is the “Ifs, ands, or buts,” which has also been defined as reservations, restrictions, and excuses.

More accurately, I see the word “If,” being a barrier, as in providing the fact of, or, in that case that or based on the assumption of. If, as in “If only” is a barrier between us and the life we’ve always wanted.

Ever find yourself at the bad end of a long day? Or, maybe even a short day and the weight on your shoulders is a combination of too many thoughts and too many concerns.
Maybe the past creeps up and old ideas, like old habits, only prove to die hard. Your level of anxiety is too high. Your opinions have all been trained and the outcome has already been predicted.
Ever find yourself here and the thing that comes to mind is, “If I could just get rid of this,” or “That,” or “If I could just forget the way I feel,” or “If I could just push a button and make this all go away?”

Ever think the word “IF” is the barrier here between us and our freedom?

Or better yet, ever have someone look at you or your situation and say, “If you really wanted to feel better, then you would just. do this, . . ”
Know what I mean?
And “Just,” is another barrier word. “Just,” as in “Just don’t think that way,” or “Just don’t feel sad,” or “Just don’t beat yourself up,” as if any of this is “Just” that simple.

If I want to be better is not the question because the answer is obvious.
Of course I do.
No one wants to be unwell or stuck or hurt. No one asks to have a bad day, to which of course, there is someone out there always looking to suggest to “Just start your day over.”

“If you want something to happen, you have to make it happen.”

Now, remove the word “if”
You want something to happen; you have to make it happen.

If leaves the question, when in fact, there is no question.

  • If you want to be free
  • If you want to rid yourself from the past
  • If you want to feel better
  • If you want to live better
  • If you want to get better
  • If you want to be better

None of them are questions. The truth is everyone wants all of the above. There is no “If.”
There is only a barrier between us and our dreams.

So rather than use the word, “If,” and to claim ownership of all, change the above to, “I want to be free.”
Say, “I want to rid myself from my past.”  Make the commitment to say, “I want to feel better.” Agree to the sentence, “I want to live better, get better, and be better.”

Remove the barrier of “If,” and this allows us the ability to focus on our commitment to do all of the above. But remember, the above is the commitment of words. The moves that follow is the action after our dedication to preparation.

And no, the truth is nothing is “Just” that simple. The truth is we all have obstacles. We all have pain. We all have fears and doubts. We have fear of rejection and the fear of shame.
Even the fear of failure is nothing more than a barrier because we are not afraid to fail, but more accurately, we are afraid of the letdown, the shame, the blow to the ego and the fuel and energy we spent, leaving us empty with a hole in us, which gives us a feeling as if we came up too short, as if this were a linkage to our value or worth in the world.

I was told “If you fall down, then you just have to get up.”

I have had to come to some hard decisions in my life. I had to learn how to stop the personalization of life beyond my control.
Life is not a sales pitch. And as far as me being me, why should I have to prove myself to anyone. Besides, I already have the job. There’s no need to sell anything about me.

I fell down. I got up. Sometimes it was an easy task. Other times, the process was longer, painful, straining, and in other cases, nearly impossible.

There was no if. And there certainly were no ifs ands or buts.
There is no “Just” either. The word “Just” is barrier that limits and minimalizes the strategy and the strength it takes to “Just” carry on.

Today is a good day to remove the barriers.
No more ifs. No more ands. No more buts. 

Know what that means?

It means no more reservations, restrictions, or excuses.

That means it’s go time!

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