Prose: The Victory of Achieving

Before moving forward,
I think it is only fair to realize
that success is a relative idea.

It’s just an idea

I think before going onward,
it is important to realize
the idea of success is only a concept.
That’s what an idea is;
It’s just a concept.

An idea, or concept is just a formation in the mind.
This is a mental construct
This is built by all the characteristics and particulars,
and put together in a mental picture,
functioning as a definition,
Which is equivalent to the idea:
We think, therefore we are.

I have won several times and yet,
I have also lost on the same occasion.
In which case,
the same math applies from the opposite side as well
in which, I have lost several times and yet,
I won on the same occasion.
(depending upon my perspective)

Before going forward,
I had to learn
the difference between the instances
is based upon my attachment to the outcome.

Whereas, in previous forms,
I based my concepts victory on the sole proprietorship
of win or lose based on the outcome,
in the art of moving forward,
from this point onward,
I will base my victories
on the accumulation of steady successes.

Sometimes, a success is just as simple as getting out of bed
especially on a Monday . . .
Therefore, to move forward, I do hereby surrender
my prior notions and previous definitions
of the word victory
And do solemnly exchange this for the concepts
based on steady achievement.

Achievement is based on accomplishment
and therefore, in the face of victory,
the fact that I achieved the ability
to attend, apply, or to compete
is an accomplishment in itself.

Know what an achievement is?
An achievement is the intended twitch of a toe
when the doctor’s said,
“You’ll never be able to move again.
That is a victory.

A victory has nothing to do with winning or losing,
but more so, it is the continuance against all odds.
A victory is the dare to face the day, no matter what comes,
and to stand in front of the crowd, regardless to their tone
to compete, to perform, to give it all,
no matter what the outcome might be is a victory above all.

This is what it means to create an accomplishment.
To accomplish: to bring a goal to its conclusion.
To compete: to strive, to exert to the limit of all ability,
to put it all out there, and lay everything on the line;
no questions, no excuses,
just to pour everything out and stand in the face
of both adversity or victory
with the same temperament and say,
I gave this everything I had.

To compete or to succeed and accomplish;
to win, first and foremost,
one would have to lose at least something.
Whether we lose the time we take
to dedicate towards our craft and our profession,
or whether we lose sweat or blood or sleep,
we had to lose before we could win anything.
Otherwise, we’ve won nothing

However, before going forward,
I think it is only fair to realize,
losing is a relative idea.
In fact, losing is not failing. Losing is only learning,
which entails a gain, which results in a victory;
therefore, we have not lost.
We have only learned.

I used to look at life on the scale of wins and losses.
I used to think back about the people in my life
and the people I lost along the way.
I thought about the times I failed others,
including myself.
I thought I lost . . .
But yet, I did not lose. I only learned,
which means I gained,
which means I achieved,
which means I need to change the ideas
of my social constructs
because in order to move forward,
I must be able to move onward
instead of remain in regret for the shots I missed
or did not take.

Therefore, effective immediately,
I do hereby surrender my previous notions
which kept me stuck in the patterns
of win or lose, fault or blame.
In order to move on, I have to move on;
and as such, this is my heart, —achieving.

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