An Airport Idea

Years ago, we were sitting in the waiting area at an airport and the flight was hours late. I was listening to the nearby passengers on their cell phones. They were arguing out loud about the delay. I was delayed as well —only, the delay was not so bad for me.

I like airports. I enjoy the big windows that give the view of the planes that pull in and out. I like watching planes land and take off.
I like the sound.
I like the idea of me being aboard a plane to anywhere, like say Vegas, or maybe someplace I never heard of before in Wyoming.
I have never been to Montana. I have never been to New Orleans or Mississippi.  I’d like to see the state of Washington at some point and I would love to do a summer trip to Alaska.

I wonder what the price of gas is in Alaska. Currently, now, I can say the price of gas is close to $5.00 in Los Angeles. I can say this because I was just recently there. There were no delays on this flight or throughout this trip. Everything went as smoothly as things could go; however, if there were any changes, perhaps I would change a few things. I’d have liked to alter some of the plans to work a little differently in my favor.
Maybe I would have changed the food from a certain spot. The sushi was great but a little over-priced.
I think if given a second chance, I would have given one of the medical infusion places a shot at an I.V.
I tried one of the burger joints but that didn’t work out.
I saw a few celebrities, which, as I think about this; I realize seeing a celebrity is really no different from seeing a stranger—it’s just not a big deal. They’re just people.
I saw some nice cars when I was in Los Angeles. I watched a woman sway through a doorway and sit down as if she owned the world with a $30,000 pocket book, —and I thought to myself, “Really?”

I think of trips like this and the trips I hope to take at one point in my life. And I wonder what the air smells like in Chicago. I wonder what the sunrise will look like this morning in places, like say, at Imperial Beach in San Diego, California.
I used to fly to Florida to see Mom a few times a year. Mom is gone now, and well, there doesn’t seem to be the same need to get to the beaches at Ft. Lauderdale anymore. But I’m open to it.

I was thinking though. I was thinking about this last trip of mine. I was thinking about what I would like to change. I was trying to piece together a vision that I have for me.
I was thinking about the dreams I have that I am working to make come true.
I took a few pictures of the scenery but not many. I ate something called a “Hangover omelet,” at Mel’s on Sunset, but to be honest, the food was underwhelming and the name did not suit the meal very well at all.

I ate sweet corn ravioli, which was really nice. I had some olives, ate a nice steak, and I watched two men that I nicknamed three and six share a few wines together, and honesty, no one else in the Riot House had quite  as much fun as they did (except for me, of course, but I suppose this is obvious)

The world is such a big place and the New Year is upon us. Who knows what 2020 will bring.
I mean, Christ’s sake, it seems like just yesterday that we were all worried about the Y2K problem. My entire life was about to change that year and I had no idea just how much.
Either way, who knows where or what I’ll see this upcoming year; and who knows where I’ll go, or who I’ll meet, or what I’ll accomplish, because it could be anything.

I was thinking about the rocks I used to collect when I was a kid and how I used to skip them across the top of a lake in my childhood. I was trying to recall the first time I bit into a peach and felt that refreshing sensation, like “Ahh.”
Or, when was the last time I played a game of rock, paper, scissors?

I was thinking about the things I never saw and the things I hope to see someday, like maybe Monte Carlo, or anywhere in Southern Italy.
I want to fly places and experience life on a plane and meet new people and do new things. I am not thinking anything crazy, least of all, my old juvenile ideas of Mile-High fantasies, although admittedly, I laugh about this but still, my motivation has matured slightly over the years. Not much, but yes, I have matured at least a little.

I think that I need to keep a certain degree of wonder in my life. I need excitement. I think I need to explore more. Perhaps I need to expand more, not just from a traveling sense but more so; I think I need to expand my horizons and remove the limitations of my past or previous notions, which keep me stuck in the ideas of a “Same old” routine.

The world is ours, I say.

I think we need to see as much of it as possible before we die. And I’m not dying nor am I thinking about the gloomy concepts of death; however, figuratively speaking, I just want to live more. That’s all.

Don’t you?

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