From Operation Depression: Overcoming Adversity

The idea is to overcome adversity,
which is something I understand.
But to overcome adversity,
I must first understand
what adversity means.

By definition, adversity is the adverse,
as in the opposite, or in this context,
adversity means the opposite of favorable.

Adversity is the unfavorable
or the unfortunate conditions that overcome us;
in which, I mean the tragic misfortunes
or even the simple moments of distress,
the calamity,
or the outcomes I face in the aftermath
of something that did not go my way.

The adverse is the opposite.
It is the contrary.
In this context,
the adverse is the opposite of what we desire.

This is the struggle.
This is the internal narrative between me, myself, and I.
Therefore, before overcoming anything,
I must first overcome my ideas.
Before overcoming anything,
I have to overcome my belief system,
which tells me otherwise,
which means if I am to overcome,
then I have to defy the lies in my head that tell me,
“Why try,” or
“Don’t even bother.”

In order for me to overcome my adversity,
I had to define my adversity.
I had to define the definition
of what adversity means to me.

More importantly, in order to overcome me or my adversity,
I had to define my relationship between me and my adversity
because quite honestly,
sometimes, my adversity is me.


The idea is to overcome ourselves,
which is also something I understand.
But to overcome me, then I must first understand me.
I must understand what I am trying to overcome.

Sometimes (I swear) we look around and see our life.
We look around and see our situations, and we often wonder,
“How the hell did we end up here?”
Oftentimes, we think about the relationships
and the people we’ve lived in for so long,
but yet,
we’ve lived with them for so long
that the insanity becomes sane.

We see it this way
because we have become accustomed
to what we are used to,
which is insane, yes, I agree
but the insanity is sane to us


Sometimes we try and explain ourselves.
Sometimes we tell our thoughts to someone
and then we hear the words
coming from our mouth.
Like, “Oh my God! Did I just really say that?”
Which, of course we did
because what we said was true
We Know it was true
We just don’t like to openly admit anything.

We tell our thoughts and our stories,
and then we find ourselves
rationalizing our reasons
to explain why we stayed in place.
We justify why we never dared to do anything different
and why we never dared to walk away
or get away while we still had the chance..

Of course, there is a reason for everything.
We know this.

If I could list the things that held me back,
I would begin my list with me.
I would begin my list with me
because everything in my life begins and finishes with me,
in which I mean;
I am now and always will be
the square root to my own equation.

If the idea is to overcome
and if the idea is to overcome adversity
then before I overcome anything” I must first overcome me.
I must recognize the evils in me
which I condemn in others.
Before anything,
I have to stop and take an honest look at me.
I have to see my reflection in my mental mirror.

Before I take the steps to better myself,
then I must first recognize myself as part of the chain
which holds me back from stepping forward.

To overcome is to act or operate
in spite of or regardless to.
If I am to overcome then
I have to overcome my fears
and my thoughts because other than that,
overcoming my adversity is just a decision.

Each day, every day, it all begins and ends with me,
which means if I want to be adversity,
then first, I have to overcome me.


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