By Means of Communication

I was thinking about the use of our words and the things we say. I was thinking about what our words mean and how words will often mean different things in different occasions. A word is a unit of language; it is a version of expression or a means of communication.

What’s in a word?
I say this old question has a simple answer. I say the answer is impact. The impact of a word deciphers between memorable and unforgettable.
What’s in a word?
I say the answer is sound and the way we hear them. I say the impact of a word is the delivery and the deliverer.
A word can mean everything and yet, a word can mean absolutely nothing at all. This depends upon the impact.

There is an interest I have in the final words of the famous chess legend Bobby Fischer. My interest in his last words has little to do with his chess game and even less to do with his blatant hatred after Fischer lost his mind.
Instead, my interest in his last words is more so because of the impact they have upon me.

On his deathbed, Bobby Fischer was mainly alone. Perhaps, not literally though; Fischer did have a wife. However, he also had mental illness and extreme paranoia.
His country of origin was no longer behind him. His birth family was gone. There was no press and no attention like their used to be. He was exiled, or perhaps it is better to say that Fischer banished himself. He was living somewhere in Iceland when he passed..

Fischer’s last words were, “There is nothing so healing as the human touch.”
I agree with this,

I think of this and life with absence of touch. I think about the horrible sound of inner lonesomeness and the echo of an empty room without love.
I think above all things; I fear this the most. I think of the word “Love’ and what this means.
Then I think about life with absence of love and how lifeless it is to live this way.
This too is one of my fears; to be unloved or to live unloving. This can’t be me. I won’t allow this to be me; however, in fairness, the fear is very real to me.

I think about the idea of what it means to be alone; to be lonesome, to feel the sad vacancy and be personally hollow; to be heartless and soulless without the ability for passion because of a life that was lived without compassion, again, I ask what kind of life is this?.
I think about our angry actions and our outward hatred that spews to those around us because of an inward interpretation or perception of our problems.

When I think about the human touch and regard the final words of Bobby Fischer, I think about my friend Mike and how he stayed with me during a troubled time.
Mike put his hand upon my shoulder and this was nothing short of miraculous.
I think about a hug from my old friend Mathias and what this meant to me because this too was not only miraculous, but it was lifesaving as well.

The human touch is similar to the words we use because this too is an expression. There are various meanings and interpretations regarding the human touch. The difference in touch can be either memorable or unforgettable. Neither have the distinction of good or bad —just memorable and unforgettable. This all depends upon the delivery and the deliverer.

So what’s in a touch?
I say the answer is the same as what’s in a word.
I say the answer is impact.

There is nothing more impactful than the things we say to one another and the way we touch one another.

On her deathbed, English Poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning passed away in her husband’s arms, muttering her final word. “Beautiful.”
Beautiful indeed. Beautiful and sad, mournful, and yet somehow rejoiceful because of all places to be, she would never wish to be anyplace else.

I don’t know if this is too sad to think of. I’m not sure if this translates to you the same as it does to me because, after all, words and there meaning can and will always be interpretive.
Nevertheless, I think of the impact of a word. I think about the impact of touch, which can be either cruel or infinitely loving.
I think about our responsibility between each other, as people, as humans, as one another, living in the same place and running the same race as everyone else.

I am thinking about the simple kindness in a smile and the word, “Hello.”
In addition, I think of the angriest words and the things we say to each other. I think about the way we spread anger or hatred through the only means of delivery we know, which is by word or by touch. Both can either be gentle or loving or opposed and be painful or cruel.

The truth is you and me; we have the ability to be impactful. The truth is a simple kind word can save a person’s life. (Trust me on this.)
Or, a word or the wrong kind of touch could also end it as well . . .

The choice is up to us

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