The Need For Distraction

I admit it . . .
I am not proud of this but I admit to the pandemic pounds. I admit to the sad attraction to horrible reality shows, which aren’t really real, but yet, I watch them and talk to the television.
I find myself asking questions like, “What are you, stupid?” and getting into these shows which are literally a sad reflection of our society,
Then I laugh at myself. But hey, in times like now, distractions can be lifesaving.

Years ago, there was an experiment on television. They picked a bunch of strangers and put them in a loft in N.Y.C and called the show, “The Real World.”
One thing for sure; there is no reality in living for free in a loft in New York City. Yet still, the show had staying power. This of course was a show before technology took off to the next level. People still had beepers or “Pagers” then. (Remember?)
This was before the cell phone craze and the iPhone business became what it is. There were different people from different backgrounds, picked to live together. The focus was not on sexual tension as much as it is now. But hey, who needs talent anymore, right?
Why pay for talent or actors when we can just pour alcohol down idiotic throats and cause a train wreck for the whole nation to see?

There is a show where a bunch of pretty people are put on a beautiful island. I just learned about this yesterday.
The show has model women and model men, all commercially beautiful, and all perhaps as deep as a puddle.
I’m sure activism and world peace is not at the top of their priorities. I am sure the need to work or deal with anything more than who is prettier than who is the only scope of the agenda; however, the cast is placed on an island with a bank of $100,000 to be split between each of them.

And no, there is no survivor tactics or anything like this. Actually, that would make the show interesting.
Instead, they have to abstain from sex with each other and themselves. The show deducts money from the bank each time someone breaks the rules, which begins with kissing and then grows a bit more financially strict when the actions go beyond.
Now, in fairness, I have not watched too much of the show. I did watch a small portion because as an essential worker, the show was on in the locker room. I suppose it’s like the saying goes, “When in Rome,” right?
Yes, the people are pretty. Perhaps dumb as a stump and conceited, but true, they do have beautiful exteriors.
They literally cannot stop themselves or get over themselves and all I was hoping was to see some kind slip and fall to give me something to laugh about.

Know what I say?
I say we need to bring back the shows from years ago. Whatever happened to B.J. and The Bear? Or, I wonder if anyone remembers The Greatest American Hero or Punky Brewster.
I have friends that I joke with about the old shows. Some remember. Some are too young to know but now would be a good time for a good distraction.

I am placing this here because this is a clip from a show that brings back good memories to me. I hope it gives you a laugh as well.

I have a memory of when I was a small boy and very sick. I was only home from the hospital for a few days, still painfully uncomfortable, and the A-Team was on television. I don’t know what it was about the show, but there was something.
I remember being in my little “Feetie” pajamas and curled up in my bed, fever and all, and watching my little television in my room. The distraction was perfect.

I am mindful that the time is rough for us all. I am aware of the pandemic each day because I am essential in the workforce, which means I travel into New York City on a regular basis.
There is absolutely no traffic. The stores are all closed. People are walking around with masks on their face. The streets are empty.
I swear it’s like a ghost town out there. I suppose if I thought too much about this, I would probably lose my mind (if I haven’t already.)

Someone I work with lost four people to the virus. He lost the first three in one week about three weeks ago. The last one to pass was his sister. She tried to hang in. She was in the hospital for a few weeks and sadly, I learned the news about her passing at 3:40 this morning.

I cannot change what is happening. I cannot solve the riddle. However, life is still moving and work is still calling.
I need to a distraction. I need something mindless.
So in this case, I will grant myself the guilty permission and watch shows like My 600lb life (which I feel terrible about because I’m usually eating when I watch it) or then there is 90 Day Fiancé, which is literally a joke but like I said, reality television isn’t real either.
But that’s fine. Sometimes we need a little something to help distract us from reality.

I ever tell you about the times I used to watch Ninja Warrior with my daughter?
We used to watch the marathons too. We watched the original show from Japan, which was even better because normal folks would come on and try to negotiate a nearly impossible obstacle course.
I tell you the show was perfect. After a while we forgot all about the subtitles.
It was better to listen to the show’s announcer scream out the details in Japanese—everything was in Japanese, except one of the obstacles was called the “Jumping Spider Wall,” which was hysterical when the announcer called it out. And times were tough then too. My daughter was young. I was trying to figure out how to be a divorced dad. She was going through her things and I was going through mine.
Sometimes the awkwardness was uncomfortable. But ah, at least we had the distraction of The Ninja Warrior.

Not sure how much longer the quarantine will last. I hear they say we might try to start New York on May 15 and see where we can go from there.
I know there are people that wish we could start now.
And I wish this too.
But I also wish no one died and no one was sick. I wish there was no such thing as the Coronavirus either but the truth is—the virus is real.
The people that are dying are real people. If it takes staying in quarantine to save lives then to me, the answer is a no-brainer.

And by the way, I was at a training seminar when the quarantine began. I was in Florida, wondering if I was going to have a flight back to New York.
Spring Break was the thing going on at the time.
The news was all over this. They showed a college kid. He was ready to start the party. Said he didn’t care. Said, “If I get it, I get it,” and he was ready to “Drink his face off,” as it was described to me.

I think about this kid. I think about the way his clip on the news went viral. I think about his parents too, which I am sure they were so proud of their precious little camper.
I heard the college kid has since apologized for his statement. I think this is a good thing. I am sure someone with a cooler head prevailed and suggested he do some damage control.

My bet is this kid is a senior. My bet is he was set to graduate. My bet is he will go for an interview someday, hopefully soon in an improving economy, and the interviewer’s expression will turn curious, as if there is something familiar about the young man. And then a light will turn on when the interviewer realizes and asks, “Hey, aren’t you that kid from the news that went on about spring break?”
I’m sure that interview will be followed up with the words, “Don’t worry. We’ll be in touch!”

I have to laugh at this. I have to laugh at something.
Right now, I have to take my last sip of coffee, get in the shower, and then get into the city. The Earth spins. We can’t feel it moving. We just know it spins around. And right now, I hope it spins us all in the right direction.

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