My Utopia

I watched an airplane fly off into the sunset last evening. Its wings lifted as the plane turned southwest to fly off into parts unknown.
Usually, I see this and imagine sitting in an airplane with my seat leaned back and my tray-table down. I envision myself going somewhere or anywhere but here.

I could really use a break from the tension. I could use a vacation from the news reports and the back and forth politics that never seem to be resolved. I want to be somewhere that personal differences are not a threat but more like an attribute. It takes all kinds to make the world go around. Otherwise, we would all be the same or without color, and what fun would that be?

I was told the secret to running a successful business is to surround yourself with a good team. I believe this is true. Success is influenced by our surroundings. I agree.
A Marine friend of mine once taught me about the words, “Unit Cohesion.” This means if, or where a soldier ends, another begins without a hiccup. This creates synergy where all forces and all elements work together as a team. Unit cohesion is a group or mass of people that work together to achieve the same goal.
The group or unit moves as a team — each remember understands the other’s job and each member understands the next move of their counterparts.

I wonder if the travel agents know of anyplace like this . . .

Mistakes will be made but a good team will always move through and help mend the seams of a broken plan. There is no fault or blame or guilt. There is only action.
If I could be on that plane, I think this is the kind of place I would like to fly to. I want to fly to a place where even in the face of trouble, a strong unit will not allow themselves to be compromised.
I want to be where even if people lose —they will never lose ground because the team will always move forward.

This is a good way to be.
I was reminded of a program of mine from a few years back. Even in the face of something so evil and deadly like pediatric cancer, I found myself with a team of strong, and beautiful people. 
I was witness to something miraculous. I was witness to a team of people who were eager to begin where someone else had ended — all of us were moving together — like a machine and in sync, or more accurately, we moved as a group in the form of unit cohesion.

I am part of something in this world. I am not part of the system. No, this is something bigger. This is something good. It’s an idea. Or maybe this is only a dream but the saying “I have a dream,” has already been taken.

Whatever we do from this point onward is crucial to the future of our unit’s survival.
I can say without any uncertainty that I have stood with the best of people in the world. I have never seen anything like them. I am talking about plain, ordinary people no different from you or me. Only, they had something that no one else did. they had it within them to build and create change. They understood the math of this world and the importance of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.
I watch people like this. I learned the lessons of endurance from them. I can say that I have good friends. I can say that through them, I achieved something unalterable.
I have learned that the sum of my efforts are influenced by the benefit of my surroundings, which is why I choose my team and my surroundings very carefully.

We are moving forward. All of us together.

I have never been a fan of bullies. More and more, I see that bullies come in all shapes and sizes, all colors and creeds, and from all different backgrounds as well.
I suppose if I could fly to anyplace, I would fly off to a place where there was no such thing as bullies. No child would ever lose their childhood and no man or woman (or whichever pronoun is preferred) would ever be alone or unequal. When it comes to unit cohesion, every piece of the team is equally valued.
I don’t think there are any flights to a place like this. So for now, I’ll just have to surround myself with a good team and create the change here.

Care to join me?

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