Just a Thought: 6/8/20

I am reminded of a quote from Shakespeare. He said, “Civil blood makes civil hands unclean.” It seems all of our hands are a little dirty sometimes. It seems like everyone has an opinion. Everyone has an agenda.
Meanwhile, the world is still turning. Life is still going on and you, me, us, and everyone else in the world is still trying to find their way in this crazy place. Such is life down here on Project Earth.

There is really no difference between you and me. There is certainly no difference that can only be attributed to the varying pigmentation of our skin. Think about it.
Put simply, black or white, Asian or Hispanic, the truth is everyone is just trying to make it. No matter who you are or where you live, we are all just trying to find our way. And this is a real trick too because it is easy to get lost sometimes.

I submitted an article today about a car accident. The accident happened years ago, but the relevance is important with today’s current situation.
The details are simple. Four teenagers decided to take the keys to someone’s car and then split for a joyride.

One of the girls in the car was a 17 year-old runaway. She had loving parents but yet, there were difficulties between them.
She lived down south and her father lived up north in New York City.
Her mother tried the best she could but the truth is a 17 year-old is often just a 17 year-old. And kids these days, they know it all, am I right?

There was a conversation between the 17 year-old and the father. He finally tracked her down. She agreed to speak for a while.
The conversation went well but the 17 year-old would not relent. She would not give in and worse, she refused go to home.
“This is not going to end well,” said the father
“I just don’t give a fuck,” said the 17 year-old girl.

The police were called to help find the girl but the father did his own research. He put together some names and phone numbers as well as addresses. The father tracked down all of the parties involved and then forwarded this information to the local authorities. However, there was other business for the authorities. There were other crimes, which is true. The law is the law and there are always other matters that take priority.

The detective mentioned, “These types of kids run away all the time.”
“Don’t worry.” said the detective.
“She will turn up sooner or later.”

He was right.
She did turn up later,
I wondered what the detective meant when he said the words, “These types of kids.” Did he mean short kids or tall kids?
When the detective used the pronoun “These” when he referred to “These types of kids,” did he mean exceptionally smart or kids with a birthmark on their leg?

Where were the detective’s civil hands at the time when the call came through? Where was the detective when the joyride ended and the girl driving the car was killed on impact and the 17 year-old was in the passenger seat?

The idea of discrimination is nothing new. The idea that race is what divides us is perhaps a misconception at times, but this is also not new.
The love for a child or for a parent or sibling has nothing to do with race or color. The love we feel has no color or race or designation towards religious beliefs or political view. Love is love. That’s it. Therefore, we are not so different.

So long as we struggle with pronouns, we will always struggle with unity.
It seems the bi-racial girl that ran away was just another run away.
Who has time for something like this?

I did.

I had time. I am the one that had to find the information. I am the one that had to forward all of the information over to the police department because I was the one that found the 17 year-old girl in the worst of places and doing the worst of things.
I had to do this because I am the father and I was the one that had to live through the nightmare phone call. “Sir, we found your daughter.”

It is only fate that kept her alive. Not her mixed color. It is only fate that put her in the passenger seat and not the other way around. A young pretty girl named Erica was driving. She was only 16 when she died.
Again, I am reminded, “Civil blood made civil hands unclean.”

I hope things will change.
I hope people wake up but I am aware this problem has been around for centuries now. Hatred goes back a long, long way.
This is nothing new. But I am new and so are you. 

I may not always be able to wash away the old blood on my hands from old disputes; however, if possible, I can make sure to wise up and never stain them again.

This does not mean we have to do away with the justice or the police system. This means we have to learn to update our resources. We have to work and update our performance. This means we have to update training and tracking and enforce our structure to keep us all safe. I am not anti-police whatsoever. In fact, I am a friend to law enforcement. However, I am anti-hatred and anti-ignorance. I don’t care what form or color this comes in.

There, I said it . . .

Now watch how people disagree.

3 thoughts on “Just a Thought: 6/8/20

  1. Yes everything you’ve said is right 👍life is always going on and time waits for nothing so whatever you are going to do in your life do with a good heart and live you life the way you want no matter what people says🙂

  2. We often, don’t realize the impacts of, racism and discriminations, until we have, experienced it, firsthand, and sometimes, even after experience the discriminations, we still don’t change our ways, because, were, socialized to, accept it, as natural, and it becomes, a way of, life…

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