There Is No Mistake

There is no mistake anymore. In order to move ahead there has to be a strategy. There needs to be a plan because there is no more room for guess work. We already know what we don’t want.
We know about the things we don’t want to feel.
There are times (like now, maybe) when the world is still moving. The sun is out and everyone is living life, but yet, deep down, there is a piece of darkness on the inside that overshadows the light that brightens our path.

There are times when the obstacles seem to be too much. There is no question there are days when we simply will not want to stand up, let alone, get up and show up to perform at our best.
There is no mistake anymore.
There is no room for indecision and no place for excuses. There is no room for complacency or the rationalizations that allow us to be stagnant or still.

It’s go time.
Otherwise, be prepared to accept more of the same.

The world has turned itself into a crazy place.
Nothing makes sense.
People are fighting. The economy is bad. Unemployment is up and the “New Normal,” has yet to make itself clear.
There is dissension in the ranks and destruction in the streets.
There is hatred. There are people reflecting and deflecting and yet, here we are with our hands in the air and wondering, ”What the hell?”

There are different opinions. There are literally billions of people moving around on the face of this Earth. There are good people and bad ones. There are people that are informed and others that use their information for their own agenda.
There are some that look to help and others that look to enlighten the world yet somehow, as brightly as good people shine, there is always something happening to dim their light.

There is no mistake.
There is only the here and now and the one question:
What are you going to do?

It’s too late for excuses.
It’s too late when you look in the mirror and wish you did something else. Whatever could have happened did happen.
Otherwise, life would be different.
But it’s not.

Life is hard.
Depression is real
Pain is real.
So is fear.
So is shame and regret.
The world is full of this with plenty more to go around.

If there is an instance when life is not lived up to its potential, rather than focus on the symptoms, why not get to the bottom and understand the direction of our motivation?

What is the blockage that holds people back?
If the chance to rise and reach an optimum level is passed as the result of an excuse, what does this say about personal mindset and internal motivation?

Keep in mind, motivation is constant.
Motivation is not good or bad or negative or positive. Motivation is only energy.
This is our internal electricity.
This is our power source in need of direction.
Einstein said energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only change forms. This means our energy can never be destroyed. This also means we have everything we need to be successful. Anything else is only an excuse.

Excuses are easy (especially to the person that makes them.)
Even easier is to find a reason to stop trying.
It’s easy to find reasons to quit.
Just  look around.
Look at the world.
Look at daily life. Read the news. Listen to the stories in your community. Listen to the tragic stories about people dying for no reason. There is violence, shootings, and people stealing. There is controversy and conspiracies. Anyone can have all of this and as much as they want, if not more.

Look at what we’ve become. Look at our society. We have become an angry  mob of people, always looking to point fingers or, “Cast the first stone,” so to speak.

I am reminded of some of the thoughts I wrote when I began this journey.
I wrote, “First and foremost, my redemption has nothing to do with your response.”
What that means is if I am to change, then my change begins within.
I can’t be worried about the outside world.
I can’t figure out why people respond to me (or don’t).
I can’t go around analyzing every little thing.

Else, I’ll go nuts.
I’ll lose my focus.
Else, this will all be one big mistake and I’ll forget all the reasons why I started this trip in the first place.. 

In the beginning of my commitment to change my life, I wrote, “No matter where I go in this world, I will always be the square root to my own equation.” 
What this means is I am the root. I am the trunk and the tree and the branches, all one in the same. This means I need to care for my roots.
Else, the tree falls.
Else, I fall and so will everything that depends on me.

I wrote this to understand that since the most important part of the tree is the roots then I need to care for mine before I lose everything dear to me.

There is always an opposite or unbalanced force looking to weigh against us. The good news is this is where we gain the strength to build our dreams and the courage to see them through.

It’s go time . . .

2 thoughts on “There Is No Mistake

  1. This was such a beautifully executed and well thought out piece of writing!Thank you so much for being motivated in a direction where making mistakes is no longer an option. This was so inspiring and it touched my heart strings!!

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