The Best Investment

The question is what’s in a word?
What is in a word that we invest so much in or allow them to either build or destroy us?
Why do we give in so often or allow what someone says to define or decide how we live, think, act or feel?

What is it about a simple word or what people say that can either build us up or rip us apart in the blink of an eye? 
A word can change the face of the day. A word can change perspective. A word can bring a smile or cause a tear.

Wars have started over words. People have died. Love has both started and ended, all because of a pivotal sound that is created from our thoughts and composed by our mouths.

All words have meaning. However, there is a difference between the connotation and the denotation of a word.
The denotation is the actual meaning behind the word and the connotation is what the word means to us.

So if you’re asking, “What’s in a word?” then my answer is it depends on how much you invest in it
Nothing has any value without investment.

Think about it . . .

Think about the words, “It’s a boy!”
Think about the first time a woman hears the word, “Mamma.”
Think about the sound of the most important people in your life and then imagine what it would be like to hear them say, “I’m proud of you!”

Words can be a challenge.
Think about the times when someone told you, “Don’t bother,” or, “You’ll never make it!”
Think about the times of heartbreak.
Think about the down and out ideas of failure or the people that belittled you or put you down.
Think about the ones in your life which you gave permission to take away your energy simply because they told you that you are no good or incapable.

Think about the ability of your body and the production of your sweat, which is proof that your body is working.
Your body is a machine that has a long list of capabilities.
Think about the idea of you meeting your challenge and accomplishing your goals.  Envision yourself across a goal line or through a finish line and allow yourself the feeling of chills you would have when you’ve reached your best, optimum levels.

What’s in a word?
The answer is motivation.
The idea is to utilize everything we hear, regardless to whether we consider this to be good or bad, and from this point onward, we have to allow ourselves to properly invest in what empowers us to be at our best possible level.

No matter what words we hear, there is a choice on how we invest in them. And the choice is really simple.
The choice is where do we invest?
Do we want to allow our lives, our dreams, and passions to be hinged upon or wrapped up in someone else’s control?
No. I don’t think so.

There was a time when I stood in front of a roomful of people.
Now, granted, my appearance is different from the usual corporate structure.
In fairness, I am sleeved with tattoos and I do have an accent, which is typical of New York City. However, I stood in a roomful of corporate execs and discussed a few of my strategies and plans that help promote others in empowerment group settings.
One of the people in the room mentioned that I would be a perfect person to work in jails.
The person mentioned that it was their belief that I am not cut out for corporate and that working in a jail would be more suitable for “Someone like me.”

So, what’s in a word?
A challenge. A dare. To me, words like those are a reason to continue because if I were to respond or give in, then I would only be proving that I am exactly what that someone predicted me to be.

I do not have to invest in what anyone says about me.
The only words I have to invest in are my own.
The rest is up to me

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