A Special Note

Just so you know . . .
the world is a better place because you’re in it.
If you ask me, you compliment the world.
You fit perfectly in spite of what you think sometimes.
Trust me on this one.

It amazes me when beautiful people can’t see their own beauty.
Take you for example.
I’ve always found it incredible when someone like you fails to understand just how truly remarkable you are. I’m not sure why this is or how this could be. But yet, here we are (again) and here you are, back to an old idea that suggests you are anything short of perfect.

The most beautiful people I’ve ever met in this world have always failed to realize their own greatness. They never see their unique versions as amazing. They look and they compare their life to others but they never seem to understand how their soul is truly worthwhile.

After a long discussion about the word, “Crazy,” I told a roomful of students that crazy people don’t think they’re crazy.
They think they’re sane.
They think everyone else is crazy.
By the way, stupid people don’t think they’re stupid either.
They think they’re smart.

Sometimes beautiful people don’t know they’re beautiful.
And that’s sad.
And this hurts me.
Maybe they feel too much or think too often.
Maybe empathy isn’t all that great sometimes—to feel everything, to have all of the senses be aroused. There’s no way to stop this or turn it off.
All one can do is feel everything all the time.

Or maybe the problem is we care too much, or try too hard.
Oftentimes, beautiful people don’t know their own beauty.
They think they’re ugly, which is simply not true.
No matter how pretty someone is on the outside, if they’re ugly on the inside then they can only be average at best.

And you . . .
Nothing about you is average.
Don’t be afraid to look at me when I say this, and don’t look away either but trust me when I tell you this
“You are beautiful.”

Remember . . .
There are different types of beautiful in this world.
And you . . .
You are your own style of beauty.
We all are.

You are your own canvas.
You are an art form to say the least.
You are a creation to build with and do as you please, on a daily basis, which, in and of itself is absolutely beautiful.
Get it?

There are two types of people in this world:
there is the artist, and then there is the critic.

The critic looks, they watch, and they judge.
The critic forms opinions.
They set a standard of beauty without ever daring to expose their own soul.
But let me ask you something.
What do they really know?

There is no risk in being a critic.
There’s no romance. There’s no real life here.
The critic will go on without ever sacrificing themselves. They never allow their minds to dare or create or be open to someone else’s interpretation.
The critic never dares to show the intensity it takes to form something from nothing. This is art. 

Art is creating something from nothing.
You do this on a daily basis without question, without applause, without a crowd, and without anyone around to offer a moment of warmth or validation.

The critic is closed-minded and limited. They risk nothing and yet, you risk it all. And that’s brave.

As for the artist:
The artist looks to create. The artist looks to build. An artist understands both sides of beauty and knows about the good, the bad, and the ugly. The artist opens themselves to interpretation. They bleed in color, they breathe and they live, love, think in front of the entire world.

See what I mean when I say brave?
(That’s you!)

Internally, we are all the same species; however, externally, we differ. Sometimes we run with like-minded people to remind us of who we are, and who we want to be. Sometimes we choose a crowd because we’d rather be with someone than alone. We understand.
We get it.
We live out loud because we know what it means to not be able to live at all, or to be kept quiet like a shameful secret.
We understand pain. We understand depression. We understand what it means to feel awkward or alone in a crowd — and because this is true, we express ourselves and shed our skin because we understand the value of fleeting moments and the temporary positions in life, which we often take for granted.


I’d rather thrive and feel. I’d rather try and fail than never know what it means to stand on a stage and give it a shot.
Sure, I’ve failed.
I’ve done wrong.
I lost my shot a few times.
But at least I was in there.

I’d rather create and be an artist than simply criticize or live and watch the world go by.
I’d rather get in the game and bleed, than sit on the sidelines and talk about the people that put up a fight.

I’d rather be like you than anyone else.
I’d rather try to fly and be shot down, than walk around and wish I had wings.
Know what I mean?
What I’m trying to say is, I’d rather jump for the stars and fall than be on the ground and safe from gravity.

I’d rather live than be stagnant. I’d rather build and be criticized then do nothing at all and never know what it means to feel great about what I’ve done.

There are different types of beauty in this world.
and you . . .
You are your own style of beautiful.

Now look in the mirror and read this to yourself again until every word sticks!

Please don’t be afraid to be you.
Trust me when I say there are others that depend on this.
And of course, I’m one of them.

I have to be . . .
because I’m you —

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