Time To Go!

There is an alarm going off right now. This means it’s time to “Wake up!” This means it’s time to open our eyes because life has a way of teaching us things.
However, for some reason, people have a hard time learning. Either way, whether we learn or not, life is always trying to teach us something.
There will always be signs and red flags. There will always be hints and  suggestions and there will always be reasons and excuses why we looked away in the first place.

I have said this more times than I can count, but I need to say this again. “Most times, there are no victims. There are only volunteers.”
It’s time to learn what we are set to volunteer for.

There is so much going on around us. There is too much tension and too many concerns. Life is different now. Nothing is the same. Pending further investigation, there is a new “normal” coming our way. Within the last few months, more than 119,000 people died due to a virus in our Country and 440,000 have died worldwide.

There is an alarm going off right now and telling us it’s time to wake up. This is more than our personal growth. This is more than motivation or inspiration. This is about our moral imperative, which means the time to stand up and be counted is happening right now.

People are getting sick. There are riots in the streets. There are spikes in suicide and lethal overdoses.
It’s time to wake up.
Life is calling us all.

If this is our life then what does this mean?
What does it mean to be disciplined?
What does it mean to endure and continue?

By definition, discipline means to train or to act, or to bring order and obedience through training and exercise. This means dedication beyond measure and to the point where our will is like a piece of unbendable steel.
There will be thousands of opportunities in one day’s time.
Literally, this is true.
There will be opportunities to change and opportunities to grow, to improve, and to be stronger.
There will be chances to train yourself, both mentally and physically because be advised, no one has the right to stop anyone from improving. No one has the right to keep anyone hostage and no one has the right to forfeit your freedoms to learn from life’s free lessons.

There is no more time for arguing. There is no more time for debates or discussions.
There are people that do nothing but find themselves in meetings all day to discuss a plan, but yet, they never plan to act.

Is this going to be you?

There are people that look at mountains and admire them, and then there are people that climb to the highest peak.
Which person do you want to be?
There will always be handicaps. There will always be disadvantages. There will always be someone looking to cheat or play unfairly. And make no mistake, they’ll cross the finish line as if they earned it -and meanwhile, there will be someone (like us) bleeding for our dreams and looking around like, “Hey, doesn’t anybody see what just happened?”

There will always be someone looking to knock us down and there will always be someone willing to create a diversion which keeps us from the path of becoming our best possible self.

These are nothing more than lessons. There will be pain and there will be downfall. They are just lessons.
There are going to be tragedies. There are going to be losses. There is a lesson in each one of them. So learn and find out how to navigate away from repeating old history.

The time to stand up and be counted is now.
This means it is time to stand up and be valued.
There is no negotiation.
None, whatsoever!
There is no compromise.
Not at all.
There is only motivation to be, think, do, build, create, and flourish.
That is all.

There will be plenty of reasons to be angry.
But don’t bother with them.
There will be a list of reasons to quit.
But don’t concern yourself with this.
There will be reasons why you’re too tired and reasons why you don’t “feel” like showing up, but do yourself a favor and let them go.
Do not listen to nonsense.
None of this will help you get your house in order.

Anger does nothing. Yelling does nothing. The only time one should scream and shout is when they set a goal for themselves and then they achieve it.
This is when you should scream and shout because this is the time you celebrate.
Screaming out of anger only increases the sound of your voice by a few decibels. This only means people will hear you; this doesn’t mean they’ll actually listen.

Life is trying to teach you something. When the student is ready, the teacher appears but keep in mind, life has a way of raising its voice. The louder life speaks the more painful the lessons may be.
How much more do you need to be yelled at?

The only way through is discipline.
The only way through is through dedication to your craft.
You are your craft. You are a series of dreams and conquests. You are a story-line, just begging to be told.
You are a beautiful machine in progress, which means everything in you is systematic from your bloodstream to your thought process.
Rather than allow this to go to waste, now is the time to stand up and be counted.
Now is the time to find the secrets to your discipline. Figure out what promotes your endurance. What will push you through when something comes along and tries to make you quit.

Life is teaching me a lesson right now.
Rather than look away, I have chosen to wake up.
I have chosen to stand up and be counted.

Today, I chose to discipline.

What about you?

When life gives you an opportunity, what will you do with it?

Keep in mind, the answer you choose will create the direct result of how successful you will be.

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