I’d Rather Smile

There’s not much left of what used to be.
I mean, think about it another way. Today is Monday. We have gone through countless Mondays before but this one is exceptionally different.

As a matter of fact, let’s see . . .
I have been alive for 17,456 days which means this Monday will be my 2,493rd Monday on Project Earth. This means I have taken approximately 376 million breaths since then and walked somewhere close to 254 million steps, which means I’ve traveled 108,204 miles, which means I’ve walked around the world to an estimated equivalent of 43 times. 

I have been lost before. I know that. I’ve traveled in circles and gone nowhere fast. I’ve moved around the world to find something that was already mine and right beneath my nose. I am a searcher, the same as everybody else. I am looking for something. I want to find things and collect memories just like other people do.

There is not much to the old sense of normalcy anymore. Today is Monday and like I mentioned before, we’ve been through a lot of Mondays together. But this one is different. Usually, we would be talking about the weekend or asking questions like, “So how was your 4th of July?”

Usually, we would be talking about the gatherings and the get-togethers, and the food, the drinks, and the firework displays. But times are different now. The world is not the same place anymore. Our country is in mourning. We have all been subject to change. In fact, this is not only happening here within our shores, but no, this is happening all around the world.

If we are lucky, this is what kids will learn about in history classes. This is what we will look back upon and teach our grandchildren. This is when sanity slipped away from us and the powers that be, the social media outcries, the twitter feeds and all of this senselessness will leave behind a quasi-accurate to inaccurate reverie of what really happened here today.
Make no mistake. The world will never be the same, which does not have to be bad. This does not have to mean bad things. If we are careful and pull together, we might be able to pull off a trick or two and get through this together. At least, I hope so.

I do not have time nor am I interested in politics or policies. However, I assume these topics are unavoidable. So, if this is the case then please allow me to plead my case as follows.

I’m tired.
I’m tired and I don’t want to play anymore.
I’m tired of the anger and the mean, ugliness I see.

I’m tired of watching children pay for the sins of their elders.
I’m tired of listening to people argue or shout.
I’m tired of wearing a mask (but I wear one because I believe in simple things like working together and staying healthy).
I’m tired of distancing because the truth is there are people I love dearly and I miss them. And, in fairness, if given the chance I admittedly say that yes, I would hug them if I had the chance regardless to the virus.

I’m tired of the finger-pointers and the blame games I see on television.
And speaking of, I’m tired of the blatantly talentless reality shows that do nothing but exploit our trainwreck lives so others can view how sad and pathetic people can be. But hey, the people on the shows have over a million followers on social media, so this means they make bank!
Is that all that matters?

I’m tired of my neighbors. I swear I’m usually a friendly guy, but sometimes, life gets in the way of this and so do some of my neighbors.
I’m tired of paying taxes (I doubt I’m the only one).
I’m tired of seeing what happens to people that go with untreated disorders.
I’m tired of the word cancer because there are all different types. All cancers are killers. Some just die in different brutalities, especially when it comes to the social cancers that breed in our communities.

I’m tired of seeing empty playgrounds. I swear, there is nothing so inspiring as the look of amazement on a child’s face when they zoom down a slide. If I could, I would find a way to encapsulate this. I would market it. I would put this in a powdered form to mix with water; and everyone should have at least one glass per day. We can come up with great flavors too.

I’m tired of enemies. I’m so tired of bickering and arguing that hey, you know what? Fine, it’s my fault. My bad. I apologize.

Does this mean we can all be friends now?

I’m not beaten per se but more accurately, I’ve come to the point where I’m saying when.
Do you know what I mean?
Ever have someone put food on your plate and they keep piling it on and then they tell you, “Just say, when.”
Well, fine.
I’m saying it. “When!”

There is not much left now. Today is Monday and who knows what will come next. Do you know what will come next? See, the truth is nobody knows what’s coming our way.  I heard they’re discovering new viruses in China that are supposed to be worse.
Worse? New viruses?
As if we needed another . . .

For now though, I am grateful that I have your attention; that is, if I really do have your attention.
I’m tired. I don’t like what I see. I want to see something else.
I want to hear different things. I want to feel things that make me smile and bring me back to childhood memories that create laughter.

Back in school we used to play kickball at recess. I think that was a great idea. I’m not sure how we can pull off a game like this with social distancing and all, but if I could, I would like to start something that distracts us from the evidence of sadness and hardship.

I’d like to bring back holding hands when you cross the street. Robert Fulghum wrote about this. He is a great man and a great writer. I admire him.

I want to bring back bedtime stories and lemonade stands. I want to watch the fireflies at dusk and drink from an iced-cold bottle of anything and a glazed donut (To go!) which is a reference to David Lee Roth.
Remember him?
Now, that’s a man that knows how to have fun.
At least, he used to.

I think I’ll go find a place and sing as loud as I can, or play, or pull a trick and make someone smile.
Does anyone remember smiles?
Are they still free?
I suppose smiles have not changed. They still feel great. They say the average person smiles 50 times each day. And since I’ve been around for 17,456 days, this means I’ve smiled somewhere around 872,800 times in my life.

I think it only makes sense to improve that number to the best of my ability. This means I’ll have to make some changes to ensure a happier life.

So what do you say? 

You up for the challenge?

You like to smile. . .
don’t you?

One thought on “I’d Rather Smile

  1. It’s really horrible in so many ways right now but I try to stay as close as I can to the joy..simple things like walks in nature and cuddling my dog and even finding the irony in the madness. I get it though…we are losing the way in so many ways.

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