From Choices: So, This is Progress?

And here we are, two days before the beginning of August in the year of all years, 2020. I am wondering though. I am wondering about the ideas and the dreams of like say, 30 years ago. The idea of the year 2020 itself was larger than life back then. But tell me, where are the flying cars? 
What happened to the prototypes of what we thought our future would look like? Is this it, because as it stands now, somehow, I thought we would be further advanced than we really are

There was a trip I took down to Florida and a ride I went on called The Carousel of Progress. This was at Disney, of course. The ride is a trip back in time to the way our country began and the advancements we’ve achieved in our technology. I remember the feeling I had. I remember the amazement and the wonder if any of this would turn out to be true. what would our future look like?

I am not sure what I thought 2020 would be.Then again, I’m not even sure the year sounded real. I remember stepping into my young adulthood and thinking that somehow, I would find a job and make my way. I tried different careers. I was a salesman for a while. I did door to door sales. I worked for a window manufacturer for a short period of time. They fired me while I was quitting but in later months, the owners found themselves on the wrong side of an interrogation table. I knew they were full of shit. They were all arrested for crimes such as money laundering, fraud, and embezzlement.

I was fired as I quit because of someone that chose to snitch about a conversation we had. Turns out snitching was a big thing for this man because he was the key witness and turned states evidence on his so-called friends and partners.
I worked in the garment district for nearly a decade and as the 90’s progressed, we grew closer to the year 2000, or, the Y2K as we called it back then.

There was a conversation at work about Y2K and all the madness that went on at the time. There was fear that somehow, all of our critical systems would shutdown because the computers wouldn’t know what to do after the year went from 1999 into 2000.
Want to know what happened?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I worked that New Year’s Eve. I was an engineer’s apprentice back then. There were so many things I had yet to see. I was young. I was still just a puppy in so many ways. I was 28 years old and facing adulthood ideas and adulthood decisions. I was moving into a new phase of responsibility, but yet, none of what I was doing seemed real to me. Life was just happening.

I always thought there would be a million tomorrows. I never thought about things like retirement benefits or knew anything about a 401K. I thought I would be young and feel fine for as long as I lived.

I was talking with one of the vendors that comes to my workplace. We talked about the way things were at the time of the year 2000. He was accompanied by a young man. The man was smiling at us both.
The vendor asked, “What are you smiling at?” you weren’t even born yet!”
The young man laughed and said, “I know.”

I was him once. I was young and resilient too. There are times when I look back. I can see how I was more mature when I was less mature (if that makes any sense) and that somehow, I knew what I was doing but in reality, I had absolutely no clue.

In fairness, as I move to the 48th anniversary of my life, I look back at who I was. I look back at the ideas I had and the insecurities, which plagued and coerced me into different positions. I think about my trips down memory lane and the ideas of me in the city, trying to be this “Person,” and yet meanwhile, there I was, just another human being on this huge conveyor belt, I like to call Project Earth. I had so many ideas and wasted so much time on the grand scheme of unimportant things, but thus; this is life. This is why maturity comes with time and experience. And this is me now, still standing and growing with all my heart and all that I have.

Time sure flies.
Here I am now, gifted with the ability to laugh at myself (because what else can we do?) and looking back at what I thought was so crucial and important. 

This year has certainly proven to be a task. There is a timeline that shows the manifestation of the Corona virus. There are memories that showed up on my social media’s news feed. This time last year, I was waking up after a weekend that I spent with some of my oldest friends in the world. 

No one saw any of this coming. We were free to think the way we thought because we were yet to be tasked. We were yet to be given the life we have now. And so it goes.

If the forces of nature will allow it; ten years from now, I will look back at the person I was. I will look back at the year 2020 and think about the things I held too personally. And hopefully, I will laugh and ask myself, “What the hell was I thinking?”

I don’t know what our progress will look like in ten years. I’m not sure what tomorrow holds. The future is unsure, especially now with the virus and its stranglehold on our society.

I’m not sure if I will be able to pull off my trick or not, but with all things considered, I think now is a great time to end rehearsal time. Now is a good time to start considering how to take my performance on the road. Time is not guaranteed to any of us. I know this. The entire world knows this too and more than 150,000 people that died in our country from Covid-19 are certainly well aware of this.

Eight months into 2020 and I’m wondering what happened to our Carousel of Progress. Where are the flying cars? Where is our country’s world title of being the best place ever?

The time for rehearsal is over. As I see it, now is the best time to go live.
I say this because I don’t know how much time we have left on this stage. All I know is I want to make it count.

So live
Go and do
Think, feel, act, and create
See more and do more

Love more and feel more
Dance some. Eat some
Laugh some and live some
Replace thought with action
Stop holding back

Step forward
Stand up and be counted
Hug longer
Let the world know that you were here
Enjoy whatever time we have left until the conveyor belt we’re on comes to a halt and this ride called Project Earth comes to an end.

By the way, my favorite line from any movie comes from a man named Andy Dufresne in the Shawshank Redemption. 

“I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really. Either get busy living or get busy dying”.
This is tied with a few other favorite quotes.
Next to any is this, “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things . . .and no good thing ever dies.”

Well, if this is the case; then please God, just let me be good
(or if possible, please let me take a ride in a flying car  either way, that would be pretty cool).

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