A Moment of Reprieve

Here we are, closing in on the final quarter of the year and yet, 2020 has been around for a while now and most of us are still looking around and waiting for something to begin.
I would like to direct your attention now to the big screen; the heavens, the skylines, the mountainsides, and the cityscapes. I would like to direct your attention away from the small screens, the cell phones, the computers, or the televisions and the news that never says anything kind or uplifting. 

If I may, I would like to direct your attention away from the political debates for a minute because if I may, I would like to change the scene.
Don’t worry though.
Everything will still be around. The news will still be the news so, what I mean is a little break won’t hurt anyone.
Besides, misery never goes anywhere — it’s always available for company, no questions asked, and no judgments are necessary because misery does not discriminate.

The sunrise is waking up a little later now.
Have you noticed this?
The sun is setting earlier now too, which means before we know, the autumn months will be underway.
This means the leaves will change color soon. This means my side of the hemisphere will begin to lean away from the sun. The colder months will be here soon enough, and be advised, winter can be pretty cold sometimes. 
This is why I think it’s best that we stock up on our better memories to keep us warm when the times turn cold.

It amazes me; the scenery, the skies and the backdrops I see when I travel up Rt 17 during the early morning hours.
I am amazed by the quietness of everything at sunrise. No one ever told the sun what was happening. The moon never inquired about what’s going on and regardless of the hardships, the world still turns in spite of how hard we all try to make things stop. 

I am amazed that nature is unrelenting. Even if we give in, nothing stops. The sun goes down and comes up the next day. Even if we feel broken, the world turns. 

Time never stops. This is why I truly believe that while here and in the flesh; there are only so many chances for us to find Nirvana — there are only so many chances to find an escape to the endless cycle and the personal reincarnations — there are only so many doorways to find the avoidance of mutual dramas and the snags which hit us in everyday life. Our chances at redemption are dwindling by the minute, which means we have to make every minute count. Otherwise, the consequences will be incredible.

I am much older now. I am far from old but yet, 48 is old to a kid in school or someone in the playground.
If I could turn back time, of course, I would.
And who wouldn’t?
I see them now. I see the young and the hopeful.
I see their pictures and read the news about the graduating classes. I have seen pictures of the graduates at graduation parties and I notice their smiles. I love this.
I see them and think about their future. I think about the choices they will have and the decisions they will face.
I want them to live. I want them to taste everything and feel everything. It is time to remove the bubble-wrap and live life without apology. We cannot be scared of this.

Life has to happen. Otherwise, who are we?
Life is not meant to be encased in glass and sealed by a protective coating. After all, what is life without the zest to live? What are we without the lust for adrenaline or the need to feel something so out-of-this-world?

While I have your attention, if I could say anything, then I would say only one thing. Enjoy what you can.
Enjoy every minute possible. Create memories. Make things happen and never stop. Hold on tight because life slips away too quickly.
So enjoy every chance you can.

There are times like now that are never going to happen again. There are moments that will occur even amidst the tragedies. Trust me. You’re going to want to remember this.
You’re going to want to remember the rare occasions when your heart pounded with joy. There are memories that will only come once.
Enjoy them because you will never see them again.

There will be people that enter your life and leave behind irreplaceable gifts. Appreciate this. Appreciate the ones you love. Don’t be afraid to let go.
Enjoy life to the best of your ability because life comes with too many changes and options may dwindle.
There is this great big world at our fingertips. Yet, somehow, we forget to go outside and take a breath.

I have no idea what the day has in store for me. The news will likely have something to say. There will always be the small screens to tell me something tragic. There will always be something to point out the interactive dramas — and then there’s misery too. And misery is a bitch too because it’s like the saying goes, “Misery loves company.”
So does joy by the way. Happiness loves company too. So does peace and serenity. We can choose this too. It’s allowed
(even on a Monday).

I don’t know what this week is going to bring. I only know what I bring. I know there will only be so many chances at Nirvana — there are only so many opportunities at happiness.
I think I’ll keep my eyes open.
I wouldn’t want to miss out on something like say, the sunrise and a cup of coffee. 

You are free to go back to your news channels now.
See? I told you they’ll still be there.
You didn’t miss a thing.
The sky though, it will never look the way it does right now.
And me? I have to go now.

I don’t want to miss this.

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