The Importance of Visualization

Breathe  . . .
The idea behind this process is to visualize the moment ahead of us. This is going to be the design we follow. This will be the path we take to create a platform and springboard from here into the rest of our day.

Breathe in deeply.
Breathe in nice and calmly until our lungs are satisfied. Now, pause for a second. Pause before we exhale and empty the balance from our lungs. These breaths will be intentionally deep and slow to steady a sense of calmness.

We will be breathing from our diaphragm in this exercise — or to explain this better, we will be breathing from our belly, which means instead of the chest rising as we inhale, allow your stomach to rise and fall as we breathe in and out.

The purpose of this will be to utilize every bit of oxygen to oxygenate our bloodstream. This will alleviate our stress levels and eliminate our anxiety.
Continue breathing in and out nice and slowly until we find ourselves feeling comfortable.

Inhale through the nose, pause, and then exhale through the mouth. We are going to relax each station of our body from the top of our head, down through the neck and the spine, across the shoulders, down through our hips, down our legs, and moving down through our knees and our ankles, and down to the tips of our toes.

We will detach from any physical distraction. There is no stress and there are no discomforts. We will allow our thoughts to pass through our mind like a car passing through a tunnel — this means thoughts will happen, which is fine, but rather than hold them in a state of congestion, we are going to allow our thoughts to pass through without any objection. This will become our flow.

Allow this to formulate as a guide to the meditative process, which will allow a visionary guide to the direction we want to create for ourselves. We are relaxed now. We have disconnected and we are comfortable.

Imagine us in a place of comfort.
See yourself and your day the way you would prefer this most. Design your surroundings to be the way you choose.
See your morning. See the way you start your day.
You are about to embark on the day ahead of you. Nothing is pressing. There is no anxiety or stress. There is only the plans we have, the goals we share, and the strategy we’ve chosen to achieve them.

Continue breathing in the way you find most comfortable.
In this course, we are going to allow our mind to map out the vision of our future. As we find ourselves in a place of comfort, we are relaxing, breathing — and as we find ourselves in a cycle of calming breaths, we give us the permission to disconnect from the distractions of our external surroundings. There is nothing else but this. There is nothing else but what we see and the way we breathe.

Our visualization will be the way we feed our best desires. As we see ourselves, we will visualize the start to our day. Our brain will focus upon this and see our vision as directions to our success. This is why we are going to detail this as best as we can.

See your morning. Envision the way you start your day. You are leaving now and heading out. There are no concerns. Nothing is pending. All of our day will be managed because we are capable and equipped with everything we need to be successful.

In our vision, the weather outside is kind and the winds are gentle. As we step outside, we are met by the promise of a friendly breeze. There is nothing heavy about the moment. There is no tension in the back of our neck or at our shoulders.

As we breathe, we picture the best representation of our day. As we find our rhythm, we create what our day is about to look like. There is nothing drawing us away from our goals. There are no stressors weighing in to distract us. There is only this pathway of least resistance, which will allow us to let down the guard because there are no threats or worries. There is only the day ahead of us, which is all we want.

We are heading out now. We are making our way to our best destinations. There is nothing stopping us and there is nothing to congest the mind. There is only the vision we share of our best possible day without any interruptions. 

Our sense of self is light — as we breathe in and out to create a rhythm of breaths, each inhale comes in to replenish our lungs and every exhale goes out and removes the unnecessary sediments of our life. There are no negative thoughts or confusions. There is nothing heavy about the moment, which is why all of the tension is removed from our body. As we envision our plans to achieve our best possible day, there are no problems or questions. There is only action. There is only achievement, which means as we see ourselves, we envision ourselves as we navigate through the obstacles of our normal everyday life — and we move through this without any issue or tension. 

As we find ourselves relaxed, we envision the success of our day. All of our goals are achieved. All of our plans have come together. We are comfortable in our environment and free to move about our day. Each and every task of ours is an achievement. All of this is now playing in our mind like a movie in which we can see ourselves; we can see us functioning at our best. There are no concerns and nothing is unsure. We see ourselves in the best possible way. We move through this vision until we complete our tasks and return home to rest at the end of the day.

In this application, our visualization is going to become a guide for us. This is a map we create which will lead us towards the future. In this visualization, our body will not know the difference between what we visualize and the actual success we are about to achieve — instead, our body will recognize this with the chemical response that comes from the joy of satisfaction.

There is no loss. There are no disappointments. We do not own anything except for the energy behind our own efforts.
There is no good or bad. There is no failure.
In this case, our body will believe in our successes and instead of looking backwards to recreate the past, our vision will play out as a means to mimic the direction we have created for ourselves.

Now that we have a map to our future, our mind and body will understand what to do. The past is behind us. The future is ahead, and as we open our eyes, we have a plan, and now we’re ready to go.



Now, go . . .

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