A Boy And His Dog

Well, here we are again. It is 6:00 in the morning and the sun hasn’t shown up yet. I can hear the rain falling on my roof, which is good because I have quiet music playing in the background.
I like it this way because it seems the depth of sound allows me a little window to look from with a better view of my own introspection.

You’ll have to excuse the sentiment in my voice. I watched a video of an abused dog be taken in and given a brand new life. I watched the look of love and appreciation in the dogs eyes and wondered what kind of person would hurt an animal.

Have you ever seen a dog running in an open field? The dog is happy as ever, running around and chasing something like, say, a red ball. There is no such thing as rejection.
Now, imagine this in an open field just before the frost comes in. The weather is cooling down and allowing all the summertime heat to settle. The autumn sunsets come earlier and light up the sky with a beautiful orange hue. There is a coolness to the winds. The field is empty, with the exception of an owner and their dog. 

There is a popular meme floating around on social media, which I tend to agree with. The meme says “The more people I meet the more I love my dog”.

There are people that have never owned a pet in their life. And when I say pet, I don’t mean a goldfish or something like that. There are people that never had the interaction or undeniable love that comes from an animal like this. There are people that cannot and will never understand the feeling of having a pet as a part of their family.
I can tell you this without a second of uncertainty; I work pretty hard so my dog can have a good life. 

There are times when words do not compute with other humans. There are times when things are tough and the weight of the world is on my shoulders, and yet somehow, my dog — I swear, he just knows. He knows I’m hurting or I’m stressed. He knows to comfort me. I swear he does.

There are people that will never understand this. There are people that never owned a cat. And they never had the chance to share this connection, which goes so much deeper than a human to human relationship. This kind of love is a different one. The loyalty is a much different kind of loyalty. Believe me.

The first dog that I ever had to put to sleep was my little girl Roxxy. She was my dog. She was little and to be honest, I never saw myself as a “Little dog” kind of guy. But Roxxy, she had me.
She had me as soon as I came through the door. It didn’t matter what I looked like or what kind of day I had. Roxxy was always so happy to see me. I could have lost everything and failed miserably but Roxxy was always there and happy to see me. She literally cried and snuggled in and nuzzled her body into me. There is nothing like this in the world.

There are people that have never experienced this. And that’s fine. This is for them to miss out on and I don’t envy them one bit.

No photo description available.

I remember when we had to put Roxxy to sleep. She was sick and looking to me for help. All I could do was hold her. I remember crying in the vet’s office. And here I am, this big tattooed guy, weeping like a kid that lost his best friend.
I remember the vet asked if I wanted a clip of Roxxy’s hair.
I was sniffling like a toddler.
“I don’t want her hair. I just want my dog back.”
Roxxy was the best.

See, there is a piece of us that will forever be youthful. There is a part of us inside that will always be a child. I think animals see this.
I think dogs or cats or pets that share love can see and tap into this like a resource of life. I swear this must be true.

Mom had a little dog. Her name was Selena. She was a good little girl. Selena kept Mom company. Selena knew when Mom needed extra love and knew how to keep Mom from feeling alone. Mom loved that little dog. And for all she did for Mom, I loved that dog too.

I cannot see why people would mistreat animals. Then again, I sometimes think about the words we use. I think about the way we describe people that do monstrous things and how we call them “Animals.”

I’m sorry but I’m not sure this is accurate. Animals never say or do a mean thing. They do not cheat or lie or do anything that seems underhanded.
No pet of mine has ever said a hurtful word or did a hurtful thing. No pet of mine has ever committed a crime. No pet of mine has ever looked to destroy someone’s life because of ego. If anything, all the pets I’ve had in my life were only interested in one thing: Love.

There was an old man beaten because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time the other day. He was beaten at a protest. He was no threat to anyone. He was just walking through a place at the wrong time. That’s all. And they beat him.
He had nothing to do with the protest whatsoever. Who knows what he thought about the racial tension or if he had an opinion about this or not; all I know is this little old man was beaten for no reason. 

I’ve never met an animal that was capable of cruelty like this. I’ve never met an animal that filmed cruelty like this either. Only humans do things like this to each other. And yet, we call them animals. I think this is what they call a misappropriation of terms.

My dog Brody is getting older.
He’s a good boy. He is the last of three. It was Brody, Roxxy, and Buster. Buster died a few years back. He was a good boy too.
Buster was all heart.
I think of Buster often. I think about the time I had a heart to heart talk with him. I told Buster how I needed him around because I couldn’t deal with losing him. After my long-winded emotional spew, Buster looked at me and burped. Yeah, well. I guess maybe you needed to be there to appreciate the moment. Or, maybe this was Buster telling me, “It’s okay. I get it. Love you too. Now stop being so damned serious!”

I could never “not” have an animal in my life. Animals teach me to be a better human, they say things without words. They love without any restriction. And sometimes, I swear, I look around at the way we treat each other. Then I look at my dog and I think to myself, “Yeah. They really are the superior species.”

Brody doesn’t run so much these days. But he goes outside and he likes seeing the chipmunks. Brody likes the squirrels too.
I know he thinks about chasing them but the old boy has bad hips. The best part is when there is a nice gust of wind and the air smells sweet. Brody sniffs the air. He smells the wind and he smiles. This means the world to me. There are people in the world that will never understand this.
That’s a sad way to live if you ask me.

No photo description available.

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