Life’s Too Short

Sometimes, life is just too short for long conversations.
What I mean is there is entirely too much going on at once. There are too many arguments. There’s too many incidents. There are too many complications, too many complaints, and too many opinions.  
There is life happening to us at the speed of about 1,000 miles per hour, every day. This is how fast the Earth spins at the Equator. The Earth rotates every 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4.09053 seconds. This never stops. Scientists say Earth’s spin has slowed down about 6 hours over the past 2740 years, which is a science that I’m sure is too much for me to handle, like say, now, on a Saturday morning before the sunrise.
But either way, there are only so many hours in a day. Nothing will change this. At least, not in our lifetime. 

A day will always be a day. An hour will always be an hour. A minute is a minute and a second is only a second. Either way, time is finite, which means time itself is measurable.
Although time itself is unstoppable, our time is inestimable and unfortunately limited. The truth is no one knows the hour or the day. No one knows how long they have. No one knows what the future has in store. This is everyone’s mystery.

I say again: Sometimes, life is too short for long conversations.
There is too much waste. There are too many times we give ourselves away to the wasteful and the irreversible consequences of irrational worries and fear.
There have been too many seconds, minutes, hours, and days given to the wasteful donations of our time and energy that we’ve poorly invested in the stock of circumstances that range beyond our control.

Sometimes, life is just too short for a long conversation. There are times we have wasted on trying to convince people about us and who we are. We’ve wasted so much on the meaninglessness of external validation, acceptance, and people-pleasing; only to come up short because in the end, we forgot that rejection is only a mindset.

The best words of encouragement came from someone I never expected to be encouraged by.
“I don’t have to look up at you for any reason. I don’t have to bring my report card home anymore.”
For the record, although the source of this quote is from someone that is criminally insane and therefore, he shall remain nameless; truth is still truth, which means there is still something extremely freeing about this idea.

Imagine how many minutes or hours we’ve wasted on trying to have someone see us in a certain way. Think about the hours we’ve given to have someone accept us, like us, or want us. Imagine how many times we’ve tried to almost sell ourselves to fit in and be included or invited. Meanwhile, where does this leave us? Or more importantly, how does this serve us? How does this give us value

Sometimes, life is just too short for long conversations.

I can think of a list of moments that I tried to force or coerce myself to fit or adhere to a certain role or personality. I can think of countless times when I pushed myself into a mold that was unnatural to me.
I can think of times when I compromised myself or negotiated my worth and my dreams because of the insecure ideas that I might not reach my goals.
There are times when I have offered myself with incentives; as if to advertise my life without ever noticing that offering anything about me in this way diminishes my value, so thus, how could I ever get what I’m worth, let alone, find out how to reach my dreams if I give myself away so cheaply?

Think about the times we spent with people simply because being alone was too intense to consider. So we laugh and we smile. We accept and we rationalize. We play along or better yet, we go along to get along, but in the end, we miss out on the true feeling of life as we want it.

This is what happens when we settle. This is what happens when we wake up one day and look at our life. We look at our surroundings. We look at the people we’ve tolerated. We look at our social circles and our sources of influence and then we realize how much we’ve offered away, willingly, and yet, we’ve come up short because we sacrificed too much.
Put simply, there are times when we’d rather have something than nothing. Yet, meanwhile, eventually was wake up and come to the realization that having something we don’t want is a much heavier concept than not having anything at all.

I don’t have to look up to anyone for anything anymore. I don’t have to bring home my report card. What this means is I do not have to live my life in search of approval. I’ve found out that by learning this, my conversations have all become worthwhile. I do not have to entertain anyone, simply because I want them to like me or accept me for who I am. This is my job. I have to accept me for who I am. I’ve worked too hard to give myself away anymore or lend myself to ideas that do not benefit my life,

Life’s too short. The Earth moves too quickly, which means I don’t want to waste another second trying to stop the world from turning.
If life moves then I have to learn how to adapt and move with it. Arguing, bickering, fighting or pleading to prove myself to anyone is almost like running the opposite way on a conveyor belt.
And isn’t that what this place is? Isn’t this the place we call project Earth? And here we are on a huge conveyor belt that keeps moving in the same direction, each day, for millions of years.

Remember something: We have too many dreams to let them be wasted. So as I see it; sometimes, life’s too short for the wrong conversations. 

Know what I mean?

2 thoughts on “Life’s Too Short

  1. Yikes! This made me pause and really deeply reflect. On how I’ve sold myself short one too many times. Of how much energy I’ve spent to try prove myself worthy to some people. Of the lengths I’ve gone to please so I’m liked. All in all we learn, we grow, we move past our mistakes. Yes, life is too short for all that nonsense.

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