Life Volume 1: Time To Go To Work

First thing to do is breathe because here it is now, Tuesday morning, and the sun has yet to show itself. I’m up now. Sleep and me have not always seen eye to eye but life says “Ready or not, here I come.”
So here it comes.
I have a cup of coffee beside me. I have you and me and my trusted keyboard, which I type on with purpose. My fingers punch the keys with dedication.

I don’t mind the early hours. I don’t mind being awake before the sun comes up and to be honest, I don’t mind being tired either because I can defy this and keep going. Being awake before the world is something that gives me time to set the record straight. This gives me an edge.

I have been part of the working world for more than half of my life. I have been feeding into a system of living for a long time, which is why I’ve decided to have this system turn around so this system can feed me.

I think about the insurance we buy and though necessary, oftentimes, we may never have to use it or file a claim. But the policy is there if we need it, just in case. We work and we have these annuities and 401K plans so that when the time comes, after all the years of working for a living, alas, we can retire and take a break so that our living can work for us.

Life is this way too though. This is why we take care of ourselves. This is the best insurance policy on the market today. The return is the most important. This is why we feed our bodies and care for our minds so that when the time comes, we feed into a system of living, which in the end will pay us back so we can live well and enjoy the golden years of our life.

Work is also this way.
Work is a mutually beneficial agreement. This is a transaction; it’s an exchange of benefits. My job benefits from my labor and I benefit from my salary. One does not come without the other.

I live my life a certain way so that I will never face the problems of, say, someone that has to run from the law. This is not to say mistakes or tough times can’t happen but safe to say, the way I live will never land me in the backseat of a police cruiser with cuffs on my wrists. The way I live will not put me in a hospital bed, strapped down, and tied to machines that breathes for me because my brain decided to stop breathing. 

I used to think very differently about what I do. But not anymore. This time between us before the sun comes up is training time. This is me, working out. This is me, setting my mind straight and making a lane for myself. 

This is me creating a plan and learning to be a leader. 
Leadership. What a great word but most people misunderstand what it means.

I learned a long time ago that leaders lead from the front and not from the back. Leaders are not afraid of suggestions. There is no need to intimidate the team or for the leader to prove their role.
A leader is not intimidated by criticism. More importantly, a leader encourages suggestions because comfortability and personal understanding allows a leader to realize they’ve earned their place in line, which means there is no reason to be intimidated by anyone on the team to prove this.

However, teamwork is not always on the menu for the day. This means the team is limited down to one. And that’s me (Or you, depending upon how we look at it).
This means my team is me, which includes all my heart, all I can endure, and all of my ability. This means that if I am to lead myself anywhere, I need a goal. I need a strategy and a plan to have this work together,

There are people that call this world a rat race. I suppose I used to see it this way too. Instead, now, I see my life very differently. The way I see it is we are either getting away from something or we are heading towards something. 

Do you get this?
People run but when they run, they either run from something or they run towards something.
Now, both have a goal in mind. One is to run away and the other is to run towards.

I used to run.
I used to burn the candle at both ends. I thought too much and planned too little. I used to run away all the time.
Sure, I’ve wanted to run away more as an adult than ever as a kid.
Isn’t that how the saying goes?

The thing about running away is there is no direction in sight. Running towards something creates a plan. This takes vision. Running away means there are no eyes on the direction (or my future) and essentially, this leads me to any port in the storm.

But dig it –
I don’t want any port in the storm. I want to find my place. I want to understand where I fit. This is my exercise.
This has nothing to do with anyone else but me. This is me, awake hours before I need to be and getting myself prepared for my vision and the path to achieve my dreams. 

This is part of leadership.
Only, I’m not looking to lead a crew. I’m not looking to be the boss or lead by boasting or promotion. I’m looking to find my place in the circle and pay into a system, which in return pays me more.
And I say more but not in a greedy sense. No greed is not my friend. Instead, I say more because every step I take and every seed I plant is done to benefit my future. I want to flourish. I want my life to blossom so that I can have the option of being comfortable instead of regretful.

Why do I get up so early?
Because this dream of mine needs legs. The calves need muscles. My thighs need strength to carry my weight and therefore, if I am to find my place in the world it will be because I learned to envision this, see it through, and create this with the work I’ve put in.

Life is not always a fun task. There is nothing without work and all the faith and hope in the world will never support the foundation of my dreams unless I cement this with my effort.

Ever hear those success stories about someone that lived in the basement of a storefront or worked a little business out of their garage and now they’ve become a huge success.
In whichever way they got to where they are; the one thing they knew is dreams take work. And that’s what we are doing now. Me and you. We’re working on our dreams.
As for me, my dream wakes up early and before everyone else to train. My dream builds me stronger. Most importantly, my dream takes a mixture of leadership, understanding, learning, endurance, and above all, my dream takes work.

Know what that means?
This means it’s time to go to work.

Stay safe out there, folks.
Not everyone is going to play it fairly.

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