I do not believe personal success should ever depend on anyone else. Partnerships will happen and some partnerships will split. Along the way, we will grow and learn. We will gain experience and understand how to adjust our sights to build a better future.

Along the way, ethics and character will show enough evidence to see who to incorporate your time with, who you should invest your friendship with, who to trust, and who to confidently share your life with. However, personal improvement and personal success depends on our personal self.

I do believe that some will share the same dreams but not everyone will share the same drive to achieve them. To stop or to stall or to worry or question yourself is not the way to the next best move.
There are  four best courses of action to reach success. The answers are summed up best in a few quick, one-word sentences.

Act. Do.
Be. Build.

No one else can do this for you. Then again, no one in the world can stop you from this either.
No one has the right to stop anyone from improving or learning. No one has the right to steal someone’s spirit or take away a person’s drive.
No one has the right to hold someone back or keep them down (like crabs in a bucket, —as if to say, if I’m trapped and going in the pot then you’re going to be trapped and go in the pot with me).
No one has the right to destroy a person’s dreams or smash their hopes. No one has the right to break a human being, but yet, rights or not rights at all, rest assured there are people with their own agenda.

I do not believe that personal success means the same to everyone else. I only know what success means to me.
I know that successes will vary throughout our life. There will be quick ones, big ones, small ones, and successes that prove to be more than we ever dreamed of.

There will be long, hard wars ahead. There will be times when we have to hold on with all of our might and in the end, the fact that we did not quit is in fact a victory in itself. There will be the unnoticed achievements and the successes that we take for granted. We need to be mindful of this.

I do not believe personal growth or personal victories are contingent upon anyone else. No, my choices and my efforts are the tools to either invent or reinvent myself, depending upon whichever the case may be.

Success is absolutely a choice and so is failure. The fact remains that failure is only a state of mind. Failure is a belief system. And so is success. 
So which would you rather?

Along the way, we will encounter new people and new projects. Along the way, we will find out that our paths need to change. We will learn to adjust our thinking. We will learn to accommodate our strategy to create plans that will result in achieving our goals. Along the way, we will learn how to navigate our course. Otherwise, the alternative can be unfortunate.

I do not believe that good things come easily. I do not believe dreams appear without the effort to create them. Anything can be lost quickly, including life. This means that success is a long-term, daily achievement, which occurs, even when our plans fall short. 

One could say that a positive mindset will only get us so far. And I agree. However, I also agree that a negative mindset will only get us so far. Therefore if either of the two can only do so much, which of the two would you rather have?

There is no hope if we choose to stay hopeless. And often, there are no victims if they choose not to volunteer.
There are people that compliment our life and others that add insult to injury. Nevertheless, each day is a new opportunity to take a swing or build or dream and create. No one can ever stop you from doing this. No one can ever stop you from working. No one can ever stop you from building a better future and as Bobby Moersco once said, “No one can ever stop you from doing what you love to do. It doesn’t mean anyone is going to pay you to do it, but nobody can ever stop you”.

This is the mindset. This is the idea. This is the way and more importantly, this is the secret to achieve a stronger endurance because keep in mind; there might be others competing for the same goals as you are —but, the only question I have is how badly do they want this and, do they want this more than we do?

After we answer this question; the only thing to do is to act accordingly. Put the blinders on to ignore the bullshit. And keep moving forward because this is our dream and no one has the right to take this from us.


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