Choose To Live

Welcome to life.
There are so many different things to do and places to see. Although times will say differently and there will be moments like now and tough times will come, still, this is life.
Life is the smell of autumn, which is just outside the front door. Life is the smell of a good meal or moments so unforgettable that everything else becomes unobjectionable.

There is rain when you need the sun to shine. There are cold days when your bones need warmth.
I understand this. In fact, I think we all do.
Life will not always coincide with our dreams or wants. But still, this life is all we have.

Life is the feeling that comes over us. Life is a smile. Life is a journey and the best part about this journey is the people we choose to share it with because this is what makes life worth living.

There are so many cosmic chances, so many changes, and so many different opportunities just waiting for us. There is a new life to live, each day, just waiting for us to take hold or walk through the door.
There are choices we have to make in life and not all of them will be attractive. Anyone is always welcome to nurture whatever they choose.
We can nurture our problems and nurture our anger and resentments. We can nurture the losses of our past and nurture the mistakes we’ve made. We can nurture the narrative in our heads as much as we choose.
Or, we can nurture the freedom to improve. We can nurture the ideas of change and welcome the challenge to overcome. We can nurture the possibilities to overcome any and all of our setbacks. We can nurture all the ideas of redemption and the acts it will take to achieve them.

This is life.
Or at minimum, this is us for the next 24 hours until tomorrow comes because no matter what happens, win or lose, we have the right to face each day as if it were a challenge. We have the right to attack our day and be thirsty for more. We have the right to be hungry like a carnivore and have an appetite that can never be satisfied.  

There are millions of different components to each day. There are millions of possibilities and millions of opportunities that come our way. And no, not all things work out. Not everything is easy. Life is not painless by any means. And anyone that says otherwise is obviously selling something.

Life is most certainly a choice. This is a loan. Each day comes with its own chores. Every day comes with a new lesson. And each morning when the sun rises, cloudy skies or clear blue, every morning we rise is a moment of opportunity.

There are only two ways to live our life.
We either live or we exist.

This means we can simply exist and move along without any zest, without any zeal, desire or quest for purpose. We can exist and watch as life happens. We can exist and watch the world unfold and feel left out or feel as though life is something that happens to other people.
We can exist and standby as a witness to those that strive and try, that dare and risk, or we can choose to do more. We can choose to live. We can choose to see new things. We can live and choose to fight back against the weight that holds us down. We can live every day for the rest of our lives if we choose to.

Rather than submit, we can challenge each and morning with each and every single breath we take. We can make every moment count because in the end, no one knows the hour or the day.
No one knows when this ride will end or when our paths will split. No one knows when the last hug will be or the last kiss goodnight.

All we know is that if we live for this; if we live for each and every minute, by the end, we will have given all we had. We have taken every chance. When we fell, we got back up.
When someone gave us bad news or told us troubled things, we looked for the chance to change and improve.
We looked for the chance to do something better. And when someone told us that life is on the line, we chose to live out loud with no holds barred. We gave everything. We lived every single moment because living is more than existing.

This is life. 
And I know there is so much going on. I know there is hate. I know there are troubles. There is turmoil. There is sadness in any direction we choose. I know there are days too tough to deal with and yes, there are disadvantages. Of course, there are.
But yet, there are so many things out there for us to see. There is beauty anywhere we choose to find it.
Of course there is hatred. Of course there are bad things in the world. There are bad people too. No one ever says there isn’t.
But . . .
There is also a chance that we have the key ingredient to overcome these things. We have love. We have us. And more importantly, we have life.

There is proof that physical movement creates change. There is proof that a smile is healing. There is proof that love comes in different packages and there is also proof that there is nothing as soothing or as meaningful as the warmth of someone’s hand when it’s needed most.

This is life.
This is us, each day, millions of us are out there looking to find our way. We are all looking for answers and looking for hope.
In fairness, there are times when there is something holding us back. There are times when there is something binding us or something that prevents us from coming forward. There is something stopping us from enjoying the moment.
There are times when there are phantoms of sadness that haunt us. There are times when emotions run us down. There are circumstances beyond our control. There is sickness and diseases all over the world.
Depression is not a friend, by any means. Yet, we hold onto our depressive thoughts. We hold onto our depressive thinking. We eliminate possibilities because possibilities require hope and yet, hopes biggest enemy can often be disappointment,
We hold onto our existence because this is a lifestyle of habit and anything otherwise would be uncomfortable. Anything otherwise would just be unknown.
The reason why we hold pain so dearly or the reason we nurture our faults or never dare to leave them alone is because of fear.
And what happens if we let go?
What happens if we let go of anger or pain? What happens if we let go of our past or our sins? What happens if we forgive everything we detest and pardon ourselves from the internal conversations that condemn us on a daily basis?

Hate is easy. Anger is easy. It’s easy to quit or give in and rage is the easiest of them all.
And all that comes with this; all the protests, all the retaliation, all the wars, the fights, the battle scars, and the casualties are commonplace and understandable after a while. We understand the rules of engagement, which creates a sense of comfort, which means we are comfortable with our discomforts. Besides, living any other way would be downright uncomfortable (understand?).

I used to be afraid to smile. I used to be afraid to love. I used to be afraid to laugh or look for the sunny spot in the sky because why get my hopes up? More than anything, I used to be afraid to let go of my pain because what happens if I let down my guard and the pain comes back?
What then?
What do I do if I try and I failed? What do I do if I am laughed at (again) or if I look like a fool? What if all of my irrational fears are true? Or, what if they’re not? What if I’ve believed in my phantoms for so long that I’ve trained myself to stay this way?
Isn’t that it? Isn’t this training?
Isn’t this what subconscious programming is?

This is why people refuse to dare. This is why people choose to exist instead of live. There is no risk in existing. Life just happens and everything is only more of the same. There are no high-highs but the low-lows are almost numb, like pain we’ve grown accustomed to.

I have to believe there is something more out there. Just outside the front door is Monday morning. Right outside are countless possibilities that I might change everything about my life.
My pain is only temporary unless I nurture it. Unless I allow myself to heal and stand again, I will only lay down and let life take over.

Or, I can choose to respond.
And me, I would prefer to respond instead of forfeit again. I prefer to choose life because this is life.
This is the only chance I’ll get.

This is not a practice. This is not a drill. And life can only get better if we participate. We have to show the bravery it takes to get up each morning and face the challenges because life is meant to be lived.

Anything else would just be lifeless.

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