How Does Your Garden Grow

Something we never pay attention to is it costs absolutely nothing to have a dream. There are no dues or hidden fees. There is no need to cancel anything if the dream changes.
In fact, the only price is the effort to make our dreams come true. And we all dream. We all have a scenario. We have hopes and visions.
We all have this place in our mind that imagines. There is a place in our heart and in our soul. This is the birthplace where a succession of ideas take on a sculpted creation. This results in the emotional creation of what this dream would be. The satisfaction is the fruits of our labor.

There are different parts to our dreams. There is the birth of a dream, which is no different from the seed we plant in the ground.
Through a process, the seed will germinate and sprout. Next, the seed takes root and then it grows from the ground.
Same as a plant or a flower, the seed needs all it takes to grow and be healthy. Same as a dream needs to be nurtured, a seed needs all the components to create a natural phenomenon. We call this growth,

A seed needs water and oxygen, plus, a seed needs the right temperature and the proper light and the right conditions.
The water and oxygen soak into the seed’s coat, and from there, something incredible happens. And yes, this is no easy feat.
In order for the roots to spread and be strong and for the birth of a seed to grow and take on a new form of life; the life of the seed needs to be cared for from beginning to end.

The seed is not worried about the light itself or the water or where the oxygen comes from. No, the seed is only the plant.
On the other hand, we are the planter. We are the provider.
We are what it takes to have a dream grow from seed to plant. And yes, we need oxygen and water. We need the right exposure. We need all the care that a seed needs and more, we need the proper food for our dreams to grow. 

We need desire. We need to have drive. We need to allow this to become our ambition. We have to allow the ideas to take shape in our mind. This is how the dream grows. This is the soil we plant in and this is where our dreams are born. 

Another requirement is belief. And what is a belief? A belief is a thought repeated enough that the idea becomes hardwired in the brain.
These are the roots, which take hold of the ground because unfortunately, not all days are good days and not all weather is fair. Therefore, we have to be prepared and account for this.

So what does it take for a dream to survive?
What does it take for a person to dream of something they want to see come to fruition? What does it take to create determination without the hinges of emotion? Because emotionally, there is no attachment – there is only effort. And effort is mechanical. Effort has no emotion. There is no emotion in plan or logic and strategy.

Emotion is the end result of experience and memory. And as such, experience can be deceptive.
Keep in mind that experience is neither good nor bad but only so, which means experience is only experience and whereas, emotion takes over, concern takes over. Ideas of failure take place and connect us to the assumptions of defeat and both personal and interpersonal criticism.

Imagine our dreams are formed in a garden. Think about this; all beautifully lined up the way a garden should look. All the plants are perfectly groomed the way a garden should be.
Below the surface, however, are the weeds. And weeds look to suffocate. Weeds look to absorb all the nutrients. Weeds take up all the nitrogen and the potassium, which can damage the garden and leave the plants susceptible to disease.

In relation, the weeds of our dreams are called doubt. The weeds of our dreams are all based on the process of rejection, failure and disapproval. Weeds can be a person, place or thing.
This promotes the diseases of uncomfortable vulnerability and the lack of safety. This results in the quicksand dilemma because the harder you try to resolve the problem, the deeper and quicker you sink.
This is the disease in our thinking. This is why courage is the main food that feeds the dream. The reason is because having a dream and seeing it through is the most daring, incredible and amazing thing one can do. 

Sometimes things will not work out.
This has cost us nothing and taught us to gain. This has shown us where to improve. And improvement costs absolutely nothing. Excuses can be costly. Excuses can damage the soil. This damages the roots. Excuses stunt the growth and slow the process. Procrastination can kill the garden. Laziness is up there too. And what’s the result?

If this is your dream and your dream is your garden, imagine something: What does this look like to you?
Your hopes are in a patch to the side. Your desire is another patch. Your dreams and the pictures you see are the flowers. Compare this to a garden and how would this look to you?
Take a second and see if you can make a compared vision. Is your garden bright? Is it flourishing or only budding? Think about this.
Are there weeds? Is there disease? Are the colors muted and the growth stunted because the nutrients have all been absorbed by the weeds?
(AKA self-doubt, fear, insecurity, regret, shame, blame, guilt, fault, a person, place, or thing.)

What happens to a garden left uncared for? What happens to a dream that goes unattended?

I think of people that have learned to perfect their craft. I think of writers that have done nothing but nurtured their art.
I think of artists that transform a blank page into something breathtaking and musicians that create magical sounds from their own imagination.

I think of chefs that cook these extraordinary meals and wonder how did they reach their level of success. Did they plant their seeds and nurture them? Of course they did. Success is simply an option without reversal.

I have had the pleasure of knowing carpenters that can take wood and build amazing things. I have witnessed people refurbish old furniture and turn them into something miraculous.
I have watched people sit with those who are the so-called “Sick ones” of our society and yet, I watched someone change their life. I have seen the downtrodden rise up and become more than anyone ever thought they could be.
I have had the opportunity to see the dawn after long, hard nights and I have had the experience of falling and learning how to get back up. This was not an accident.

It is no accident that talent creates beauty. There is no accident in perfection. There is no excuse. There is only the dream, the seed we plant, and the effort it takes to make this grow.

Be mindful of emotion. Focus on the effort and the energy it takes to nurture goals. Clean what needs cleaning. Mind what needs minding. And above all things, do not be afraid to plant more seeds. Your dreams are absolutely free. However, to abandon them might cost you everything.

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