Here’s a Little Politics for Ya: Sad but True

Be advised that yes, not everyone plays a fair game. Not everyone shares or is willing to take turns. In fact, there are people that look to take more than just their share. There is a “Me first” mentality in this world, and for the record, I see no reason to deny this. I see no reason to pretend like this does not exist. Instead, I prefer an honest assessment. I prefer a true inventory because as long as I am being honest, this allows me the ability to see the difference between things within my control and things that are not. 

People, for example. People, places and things are not in my control. I cannot control or change facts. I cannot change people or control the outcomes of my life’s projects. I can’t do anything about the person looking to score something behind my back. I cannot stop deceit from taking place. I cannot stop the slander machine or the gossip mills in the rumor factories.
I cannot stop the fact that unfortunately, yes, there are people in this world that look to sabotage and/or destroy the ideas, plans, hopes and dreams of someone else.
I cannot stop the character assassinations from the would-be, personal terrorists that try to divide and conquer in their professional or social circles.
The truth is there will always be knives in the back. There will always be opposing views. And what’s worse is the cancel culture that we see today. This takes place because rather than debate politics, instead, we go after pasts and families and choose the historical embarrassments of someone’s life to act as public display of personal crucifixion.  We punish to create a spectacle so that no one else dares to step up to the plate or make a go of something.

I see no reason not to call this out. In fact, the truth is the game of hardball is harder now than ever before. Hitting below the belt is not only expected; it is now part of the campaign.
Whether this is politics or otherwise. Or maybe let’s take this to the public sector where initiatives and movements arrive in the spotlight to share their efforts. Or let’s take this to someone on the job and Jim doesn’t want Joe to look better than him.
There are people that run not-for-profit organizations and rave about their efforts to help save humanity. There are organizations that look to raise money for others with cancer. Help the homeless. Save the trees or whatever the efforts may be and yet, as virtuous as the efforts appear, God forbid someone else looks to raise the same dime or tries to steal the spotlight.
I have seen the slander machines in motion. I have witnessed character assassinations take place from the social snipers that look to shoot down anything or anyone that might steal attention or the spotlight.

I see no reason to pretend this does not exist. Instead, I call this out. I have seen this in board rooms. I have seen this on construction sites. I have seen this among the blue collar and white collar workers alike.
I have seen the nice guy finish last. I have seen the subtle trip and falls that came as a result of boobie traps. And, as well, I have seen tripwire casualties and the explosions set up to destroy the growth of someone else. I have seen good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good. 

I used to try and find out why life was this way. I used to think of this on a win or lose basis. And yes, there is a win everything or lose it all mentality in this world, I have seen this. It is ugly. It is true and unfortunate. 

I am not someone without past mistakes, humiliations or embarrassments. I am not someone that would enjoy having these things come to light. I am certainly not someone looking to stare down the firing squad.
However, the only thing that comes to mind is a scripture.
“He among you who is without sin, let him be the one to cast the first stone.”
I think of this because in fairness, no one can throw the first stone. However, there is a long, long list of people looking to be second, just in case someone slides into place and throws the first one.

I have news. Nice guys finish last because they’re not looking to win the race. No, they’re only looking to enjoy the run. I’d rather see my life this way than with a “Win or lose” mindset. I say this wholeheartedly but yes, I struggle sometimes and i lose to my character flaws such as envy and ego.
“It’s not if you win or lose but how you play the game,” is a saying that has been lost to the social snipers and character assassins. I get that. I admit to my guilt of being this part of the game

All I can do in this world is control my input. All I can do is use my energy wisely. All I can do is be fit to compete and fit to get up, stand up, show up, and then make it home at the end of the day.
In fairness to myself, my only true responsibility is to be able to face my reflection in the mirror. At the end of the day, I have to face this with a constructive conclusion and say, yes, I gave it all I have.

This is the one thing I can control.
No one can stop me from this.


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