There isn’t much time left. No, wait, maybe I’m wrong about this. Maybe time is only an illusion. Maybe time is a personal limitation, like say, when we skip over an idea because the timeline is too long or too intimidating. Maybe this is why people stall on the idea of returning back to school when they’re older. Maybe this is why people balk at new endeavors because the investment of time seems too overwhelming.

I worked with someone that took over an hour and a half to prepare for a 15 minute job. And then again, I worked on a sink with one of my supervisors for about two hours. We were installing an automatic, hands-free, faucet. And of course, we knew what to do but after we finished, we decided to finally read the instructions. We wanted to know why the installation took so long. On the bottom of the first page, written in bold letters were the words, “Estimated installation time – 11 minutes.” We were fools. We thought we knew better. We thought we were educated enough on the subject of simple plumbing. And we are. We just weren’t smart enough to read the instructions.

I watched an abatement team split up into two different crews. The reason for the abatement was to remove hazardous materials without any harm to the building occupancy. One abatement crew went left and the other crew went right. One crew worked together and worked through lunch. The other crew argued about everything.
They shouted at one another. This is too long. This is too short. I could hear them in the room, shouting things like, “What the hell are you doing.” Meanwhile, the other room worked without an issue. There was no arguing. No shouting. They worked and finished early and then they went home. However, the other crew took offense to this. Both crews had the same amount of work to do. However, one crew managed their time appropriately and the other crew managed to argue. Which crew would you rather be on?

The idea is time management. Where do we waste our time? How can we salvage this so that we are more productive. Or better yet, what are the biggest wastes of our time? Is it arguing? Is it the time we waste on complaining or slandering others?
Is our biggest waste procrastination because we might not like our choices? Or is it laziness? Is our time wasted because we lack the understanding or education to conserve our energy; hence, if we were trained properly, we could conserve our time and manage our affairs more efficiently. 

I have known a few people in the construction world who have mastered their craft. They don’t argue. They don’t bother with trivial ideas or conversations. More importantly, they learned to stop taking things at a personal level. They have reached their level of mastery by realizing the difference between wasteful and helpful.
They understand the difference between anabolic and catabolic energy, in which anabolic energy is feeding and helpful and catabolic is the opposite. An example of catabolic energy is the boss that yells and leads by intimidation. And yet, no one wants to work for them. No one wants to produce at their best level. Meanwhile, on the anabolic side, this is the boss that understands the value of promotion. This is the boss that urges and supports. They encourage and empower. This is the supervisor with a more productive team.

Time is so much more than a matter of minutes. It is absolutely true to say that what we do in those minutes is what makes our time so valuable.
I don’t want to waste time arguing. I don’t want to waste time on being sad or feeling lost. I don’t want to waste another day being depressed, anxious, out of sorts. I want to value my time. I want to enjoy it.
I want to make this life work for me because I don’t know about you but time has proven to run out on me before. The one thing I’ve learned is wasted time leads to ideas of regret, which only wastes more time.
I choose to think about it this way; I think about the time wasted on thinking about other people or old arguments. I think about the distraction this becomes and how this steals time from us. I think about old arguments which I’ve rehearsed or re-lived in my mind and how this affected my personal level of production. Time management is equal to sanity management. I had to learn this. Otherwise, I’d have gone crazy.

So keep sane. Save time. Save the waste and save the arguments. Save the excuses and save the ideas that take away from our direction. Work smarter. Work safer but more importantly, work happier. 

Besides, what’s the harm? It’s not like this idea is going to hurt you.
Then again, there’s probably someone out there, wasting their time and trying to come up with their rebuttal.
But that’s okay.
While they do that, I’m going to go live my life while I still have time.

Goodbye . . .

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