Personal Best

All of us are moving through life and as we do, we find ourselves lost on different fixations of judgment. Yet, we all have our own purpose and we all have our own fates and destiny. We have our own drives and passions. We are all unique, and yet, we are all similarly impacted by the climate around us.

If we think about this, people are seeking the following: We want peace and balance. This means we want happiness and success. We want nice things. We want to feel good. We want the sun to shine and the weather to be nice. We want the friends and the acknowledgements. We want the comforts of all the above; however, the fear of not having all the above creates a distraction. This is based on fears of judgments and misperceptions, which creates the anxiety that anticipates a failure to achieve—and we find ourselves, perhaps overcompensating and trying to create this balance.

We look to find peace and happiness. Yet, meanwhile, we find ourselves judging, picking and choosing and often, we find ourselves worrying about aspects that are far beyond our control.
Often, the worries turn inward.
Am I good enough?
Where am I going? What am I doing?
Is this the right look for me? Am I liked? Am I wanted?
What if I’m wrong? Or, what if I fail?
We look at ourselves and commonly, we often find that we are our own worst critic.
How does this help?
How does one calm down when the internal monologue talks like an unwanted guest that won’t leave?

To each is our own personal trinity. This consists of the mind, the body and the soul. In fact, this trinity can be changed or interchangeable with other subjects; for example, one could use environmental, social and financial—or one could use home life, work life and our internal life. The trick is to balance the three.

However, on the road to finding our way to personal sustainability and resilience, we find ourselves tasked with creating a plan. Then we follow through. This creates a new trinity that consist of passion, inspiration and motivation; in which case, the three stations are the fuel to your personal vehicle. This is your source towards finding an adaptable program that will not only create a sense of personal wellbeing but this will support our future growth as well.
This will affect the way we see things. This will affect the way we choose to interact, how we respond and how we recover.

For each of us, there is our own mixture of ingredients. Our ingredients are what make up the better matter of personal health and balance. For some, their challenges with anxiety are an obstacle. For some, the obstacles might be financial. For some, their biggest challenge might be physical. Some challenges are environmental and some are professional or educational. For some people, their personal challenges are linked to depressive thinking and for some, their challenges are current and up to date with the volatility of our climate. Maybe this is linked to the pandemic or the social fears and the pressures from the news and the tragedies we see on the television. Therefore, on the road to personal sustainability and resilience, how do we create personal balance so that our mind, body and our soul can achieve its best sense of equilibrium?  

We are living in strange times. The future of the pandemic is far from certain. There are questions about the workplace. There are worries about war and politics. There are financial concerns and as we move through inflationary times, there are different concerns about our recovery process.

So, how do we get through this?
What do we do?

I am reminded of the saying, “Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere.”

It is true. Times are stressful. There is far too much uncertainty to allow us to be comfortable. Covid has changed the way we connect with each other. Grief and loss has become more common now than ever before. Social fears are growing and personal fears are mounting. There needs to be a plan. There needs to be growth. But more, there needs to be a strategy to achieve them. This way, regardless of the unbalanced times around us, we are still able to achieve our best level of equilibrium.

Wellness—it’s a good thing to have.
Create a plan.
Find your way.
Understand your trinity.
And most of all, create your balance.

This is the way to our personal best.

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