The Think Challenge

There is a saying, I think, therefore I am.
Think about this for a second. I think, therefore I am. So, if I think I am lost, then I must be lost. If I think I am a victim then I must be the victim and, if I think that I am destined to fail, then lo and behold, I suppose I will fail.
This makes sense.

I go back to the idea where I truly believe our life and our ability to reach our best comes from the way we see ourselves. I go back to the original ideas of value and to the ideas of our worth.
I go to our thoughts about the inaccurate reflections we see in mirrors. I go back to this because for whichever reason; our versions of self is something that will often do an injustice for people.

It’s hard to see our gifts. It’s easy to see our faults and our flaws. In fact, ask a person to list their flaws and the list can fill up pages. However, ask yourself this; how long is your list of strengths and gifts?

There are times when we literally think ourselves out of our tasks. And there are times when we quit before we start or we give in to the internal ideas of intimidation. When you give in, you give in because you grow tired. You lack the faith that you can accomplish or achieve. 

You submit.
You surrender.
You quit and you give up, which becomes habitual.

You accept situations and surroundings. You accept this the same as the air you breathe.
And we often think to ourselves, “This is just the way it is.”
“This is just me,”
“This is how life works,” and we go on thinking this way until this becomes our truth.
We become all too weary because of our perceptions of loss and perceived dangers.
We are beaten by our own choices so we step away from the light of hope.
We step away from this because light exposes your truth of your fears.
I suppose that sometimes, it’s easier to be lost. It’s easier to plead ignorance or to say, “I don’t know how.”
or, “I can’t do it.”
We train ourselves to live this way; to reduce our expectations and reduce the harm of disappointments.

I go back to the idea of how the mind is always working to compensate for its weaknesses. For example, if one of our senses falls short, another sense will sharpen to make up for the difference.
We are built this way both physically and mentally.
Whereas, if our sense of sight is weak, perhaps our hearing sharpens. Or maybe our sense of smell picks up.
See what I mean? Our mind is always looking to make a deal.

Physically, if one leg hurts, we allow the other to limp in favor and carry the extra weight.
Well, the mind is exactly this way.
This is what we do when it comes to the sense of pain or fear. 

We look for a way to defend ourselves.
So when our value system tells us, “We can’t do it,” we look for the easier way. We look to compensate for our loss.
In whichever way possible, we look to feel better because after all; we are who we think we are, right?
So, we compensate. We excuse. We rationalize but wait, do we strengthen? Do we imrpove this way?

We all have these little whispers in our ears but for some people, these whispers speak louder than any scream we could imagine, —so we listen to logic (or the lack thereof) and we find ourselves compensating for the discomfort of our thoughts.

It’s hard to see ourselves in a different light. Sometimes it’s hard to see ourselves in any light because light exposes the blemishes. Light exposes truth and imperfection. (Or so we think.)

And again, we are who we think we are —especially when we think we’re imperfect and flawed.
We can be our own worst enemy. I know this is true; however, if this is true, then it must also be true that we can be our own best friend.

This is what happens when we forget to be our own best friend:
We’re too tired, too worn from the cycle of daily survival and too broken to believe.  Faith is too frightening and hope is uncomfortable.

And faith, —it’s a good word. 
(So is hope)
Faith means to believe. It means confidence or trust in something without the basis of proof.

Faith also means a system of belief, — not just in God, man, or religion, but in some cases, faith exists in a thing; as if to say, “This is the only ‘Thing’ that helps me.”

Again, I go back to the idea that our problems go back to the way we see ourselves. I go back to the idea that we settle for less because we never knew that we deserve more.

And us—

We deserve more.
We deserve better.

We just need a little help to change our faith.

I think, therefore I am.

So the questions become:
Who do you think you are?
Think before you answer.

Is this who you want to be?
Because if the answer is “No!”
Then what do we have to do to make this so.

Answer honestly—
And make the change.

This is the challenge.

4 thoughts on “The Think Challenge

  1. Everyone lives too much j their includes my new daily challenge us to get onto my body and out of my head…but with social distancing forcing us here into isolation getting stuck I our heads and manifold fears is just blocking so much of the good life.

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