I Found (It!) – Entry Seven

The simple truth is none of us can afford to waste our time. No one can afford another moment where our lives are governed by sources that are beyond our control. And this is life.
This is us on a daily basis. This is the reason why some people achieve and some people don’t. This is why some people move and some people wait. When we face the anxious mind or when we focus on the anxieties and the fears of anticipation, we lead ourselves into the confines of judgment. Or better yet, we keep ourselves stuck in the mindset that “This is it!”
Or, this is as good as it gets.

There is a saying that goes, “The hardest prison to escape is your own mind,” which is true. If the mind is our source of direction and our thinking decides the courses we take, then our actions and our behaviors are going to be based on biases of our mental construction. We build from this and whether we build bridges or walls is based on the judgments of our thinking. So, whether we advance or simply cut off our nose to spite our own face is entirely up to us.

There are people in this world who wake up in the morning and they dress up, they make their way through their daily lives, which has become typical and routine and unenthused, unchallenged and there is no passion, there’s no desire, nothing compelling, no instance of love, fondness, happiness or satisfaction. There are people who live this way.
They make their way through their lives as if this is only a way station. Life is simply happening to them. Meanwhile, it’s as though they’re watching their lives happen, like a film, or Greek tragedy.
Rather than live, they simply exist. They make their way in the morning and they head to work. They arrive at their place of business and regardless of their position or their perks, they arrive at their proverbial time-clock and they’ve punched out, long before they’ve even punched in. 

There are people who have lived this way for their entire lives and on days when this is at its worst, they’ve decided to call in sick and stay beneath the covers because they haven’t the drive nor the exuberance to get out of bed.

There are people who stay in the life they have because the concept of living in any other direction is too much to consider. And again, this is all due to self-judgment. 

There are people who believe they can never escape their mistakes of the wreckage of their past; in which case, they live in their anxieties or they find themselves stuck in the webs of their own doubt.
They have dismissed themselves. They have dismissed their opinions and deemed themselves less-than or less important.
Again, this is all due to the constructs of the mind. This is all due to the mental reflections we see and also, this is what keeps people stuck in their tracks – or, there’s another side to this: This can be enough to create the catalyst for change. 

Many of us have been caught in the lies that we’ve learned and over the years, we have been following a plan or living a life which adheres to the plans according to ideas that we’ve been taught.
We live as we were taught to live. We think as we were taught to think and until we find ourselves at the precipice or at a crossroads or until we find ourselves at the dawn of change, we will find ourselves in a cycle of our common life. Yet, when we face the anxious mind or when we consider our thinking, the concept of change is like a mountain that’s too high to climb over, too wide to navigate around, and too much to overcome. 

The “dare to be great” logic is too much to think about; in which case, it almost pays to be the same or stay as we are.
“Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

Look at the success chasers. Look at those who have created a life for themselves or won championships. Look at those who came from nothing and built everything they have, on their own, and with their own steam. Think about those who decided to seek more than just the average or who desired more than just the status quo.
Or better yet, think about the person who was told they would never walk again or “be” like other people. Or, think about a person who has been confined to a chair or to a life of physical challenges. Although they were told to abandon hope, think about the drive it took for them to work so hard or to be without physical feeling yet they found a way to move. They found a way to wiggle their toes. They found a way to live in spite of the challenges they face.

Question: What did they find in themselves that allowed their drive to keep them moving? What kept them living, breathing; or better yet, what did they find within themselves to keep them smiling?

There is a story about a man who lost part of his leg from the knee down. He lost this in battle and when he awoke after the surgery, he thanked the nurses for saving his leg.
The nurse assured him that they tried as best as they could but they could not save his leg.
“But I can still feel it,” said the soldier.
“I’m sorry,” said the nurse.

The soldier explained how he was sleeping and he was dreaming about being back home and running around with his family. He swore this was real.
He was walking through a field. He explained that he had dreamt about this often and each time he woke, it was as though he lost his leg all over again. 

The same dreams come to those who’ve lost a loved one. They dream about them in a way that is so real that each time they wake, it’s as though they lost them again. It’s as though they feel the exact same way as when they heard the news. 
The same dreams happen to people who believe they’ve lost their chance to live the life they’ve always wanted. Now each time when they wake up, they’re reminded of what they gave away.

If we consider our losses and our detriments or if we live in our failures or continue to recreate our faults then each time we wake, this is who we become.

I have heard this said in many ways but this saying is valuable.
Sometimes . . .
It’s like you have to save your own life.
Every day.

The only one who will create change is you and the only thing that creates life is us. The only person who can push you or drive you to reach your best levels of success is you.
Or, if you choose, you can live a life that remains as it is, which is great . . . if you’re happy. This is great if you’re fulfilled and satisfied. And I mean this.

Our goal is to find our passion and create a direction so that when we dream, we are not dreaming about the life we don’t have. We are not dreaming about our losses, but our gains.
However, if you are at the top of your game then great. But if you’re not –

What has to happen to give you the drive?
What has to happen to create change?
What has to happen to keep you from the ideas of loss?
What has to happen?
This way, when you wake up again, you’re not reliving the past. But instead, you’re creating your future. Unless of course you’re happy. Again, which is fine if you are – happy, that is.

Are you?

One thought on “I Found (It!) – Entry Seven

  1. “The simple truth is none of us can afford to waste our time. No one can afford another moment where our lives are governed by sources that are beyond our control. And this is life.”

    Time (and Life) are finite commodities.
    Spend them wisely

    Great, thoughtful Post.

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