Prose From the Soul: Another Elegy for Life

It is early September on Project Earth.
Soon, the mild winds will cool
and the season will change.
The leaves that ruled the branches in trees
will eventually change color
and then they’ll take to the ground
and leave the trees empty – but,
we know this already
This is part of life. 

It’s just another phase of life
or form of existence beneath the sun.

One season becomes another
before leaving another name, like yours,
engrained in our hearts
to live on in our memories of love
and life and family
and health.

There are new things to see each day,
which perhaps we fail to notice
or maybe we take this for granted

I am not too sure where we are,
at least not in the sense of another transition
or maybe this is just another season
or perhaps this is another version of life
beneath the sun.

It has been a rainy start to the season
and somewhere, a sapling grows
an old tree fades
and ashes return to the Earth.
This must be the process
which has carried on like an old cycle
or a dynamic
which has been the same since time began
And . . .
In a sense, we are all timeless yet
time is everything (when you’re alive)
This is all we have, right?

From the time we are born to the time we grow,
until we learn or unlearn
and from the time we understand
until the time we realize this is not a show;
this is not a rehearsal.

The revolution was never televised
nor was this a drill.
The older we grow,
the more we realize that time
is always changing
and a second is always a second
and a minute is only a minute
This is time
until we become timeless

I know there are changes amongst us
I know that there was a man
who the world
deemed to be crazy . . .and maybe he was
Crazy, I mean.
He said on his deathbed
Nothing is as healing as the human touch.

I agree with this . . .
I know this is true
This is where our strength comes from
A touch of the hand
A moment of closeness
A feeling of life
This is strong

These things are strong too: 
man, woman, mother and father. 
This is where life comes from. 
This is where birth begins
This creates generations 
This creates history and future

Man, woman, mother and father. 
Each title is individual,
each has purpose 
and although these titles are defined, 
each one of us 
man, woman, mother and father
are all defined 
by our own unique versions
Of an individual self. 

And love . . . 

Love is real. 
Love exists.
(I know it does)

The same as man, woman, 
mother and father are real, 
love is equally real

It’s what brings us together 
and though I say this,
I say that love is love
and since love is love,
I understand that love defines itself 
uniquely to us all

Either way . . .
Life is cyclical. 

Same as the seasons change, we change..
Same as we have winter, spring, summer and fall; 
life has its own seasons.
Life has a way of evolving in spring. 
Life returns after the cold months
and, thank God, 
we made it through the cold!

We made it out alive 
and here we are (together)
to enjoy the warmer times 
beneath the sun
(if the fates allow)

However, rest assured
pain happens
so make no mistake about it
Pain exists
but pain is also like the seasons,
and though it rains sometimes, 
it can’t rain forever

Keep this in mind:
in relation to time 
life is no different from the span of one day. 

We are born in the morning.
We live through noontime 
and we move towards the evening;
then we enter the twilight 
until at last, we sleep.

During this time,
life is lived
Dreams are made and destroyed. 
Life happens. 
Birth happens 
Death happens

They happen in both a figurative 
and literal sense.
We are born unto new beginnings every day
and figuratively speaking, we die in different ways
all the time

We are born again literally on a daily basis.
Figuratively, however, 
we die several times throughout the course of our life. 

But literally, we only die once
which is resolved by the afterlife.

It’s important to understand this
and above all, in both cases, 
whether we die in the figurative or literal sense,
the fact remains –

“It is only by dying
that one awakens to eternal light.”
In which case,
in whatever death we see while alive,
we are reborn to live
once more
so we can go at it again. 

As a result, we are stronger.
Man, woman, mother and father
Sister, brother and/or any variation,
these things are strong.

And strength—

Strength is relative.
Strength is not limited to either gender or position. 
Strength comes in different forms. 
Strength can be physical or emotional. 
Strength can be spiritual as well 
yet, in all forms, 
strength is influential 

In which case, 
even the weakest of hand 
can show the utmost power.
Even the meekest can be strong
while enduring the toughest of times.

Whereas a tough physical specimen
can flex or lift the world 
When challenged at heart,
even the toughest can weaken at the knees

Strength is not defined or limited by age. 
Strength is not identified by sex or race. 

Strength in itself is defined by one’s ability to withstand
And you . . .
You have shown me how to stand a little taller
and speak a little stronger

it’s the ability to remain as you are,
to be you, above controversy.

It is the ability to live, love, 
and be as you are
without giving in to persuasion 
or falling to an outside opinion.

This is stronger than muscle. 
In this sense, muscles are weak. 
Muscle is weak because muscle is temporary. 
As time goes, muscle fades. 
Muscle is living and anything living 
comes with the fate of mortality.

It is important to understand this

Fact is stronger than muscle because 
fact can never die. 
Those who bravely remain as they are, 
those who choose to live,
those who love 
And those who live as they do
without apology, 
or those who endure without explanation,
and those who refuse to quit,
and those who continue
without giving in to persuasion, 
whether they be man, woman,
or any other version –
they are the truest forms of strength.

If I am to be strong, 
or at least to be stronger than I am now, 
then I must be strong enough
to be as I am 
and not be afraid 
or give in to persuasion.

If I am to be strong 
then I need to be strong
I cannot be swayed

or give in to popular thought
or listen to the critics
nor surrender. 

If I am to be strong . . . 
then I must be willing to endure without mercy
or apology.

If I am to endure—
then I must endure to no end 
I must endure
to be as I want to be

Strong . . .
Strong beyond the measure of any man, woman, 
mother or father alike.

Simply put . . .
I just want to be better than I was yesterday.


I want to be more like you

One Day At A Time

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