Prose From the Soul: Question the Fight

So much happens at once
the mind goes off in different directions
assumptions are made
and sometimes, we choose the wrong fight.
we take on too much damage
We fail to heal.
We hurt and then
we return the favor

I think about what it means to be a warrior
or at least to have the spirit of a warrior,
to know what it means to have the spirit,
to have the will to not just endure but to overcome,
to outlast, to withstand,
to defy the odds or to disregard fear
and go forward.

I think about what it means to be so steadfast
that nothing can sway you. 
Nothing can deter you
or take your aim away from your sights.

I think about what it takes for a person to stand in the face of their adversity;
in which case, they are alone.
As much as everyone says “I’m with you,”
no one else can do the work.
No one else can feel the pain or face the fear
or live through the anticipation of what comes next.

No, this is a battle of its own.

I think about those who have the spirit in them
which keeps them moving,
which keeps them strong, even when they’re weak.
There is no surrender.
This is the spirit of the warrior,
which is not to say that the warrior does not know peace.
In fact,
the warrior knows peace as intimately as they know the battlefield.
They know that war is the last result;
that there are no winners
and the fact that war has become
is a loss of itself because peace was no longer an option –
yet, peace is the goal.

I think about the demons we have within us.
I think about the chaos of our mental battlegrounds
and the aftermath from personal explosions
or the eruptions of tragedy.
I think about the collateral damages from letdowns
and disappointments
and the distractions that keep us from moving forward. 

I think about the underdog
and how no one ever told them that they have no shot;
but either way, whether they do or they don’t,
win or lose, pass or fail,
the spirit is the same.
There’s only forward motion.
There is no intimidation of win or lose.
There is no threat or sense of rejection
or remorse for their desire to continue.

There is only the accommodation for their desire
to move on until they reach their goal,
come what may
until death do them part.

I think about this . . .
I think about the purpose and the drive it takes
to incentivize us to get up and keep moving.
I think about the power of purpose
and the necessity of direction – 
I think about our story and the plot and the purpose which
is what takes us into the next chapter.
This is what makes our life the page turner;
to see what happens next
to go, be, do, build, create or even destroy (if necessary).

I think about what it takes to find peace
Peace from within
Peace without.

I think about the intimate details of war,
in which case this can be personal or financial,
violent or otherwise.
I think about the expense of our battlefields
and potential loss of earnings and livelihood.

Wars are expensive
Then again
So is peace
Both are an investment


invest wisely

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