Just a Thought, Just Because – Suffice to Say

Suffice to say that happiness comes
when we become comfortable
with our own ideas or with what we see
when we see ourselves.

Suffice to say that comfort comes
when we can see our reflection in the mirror
and be happy . . .

Suffice to say the body I am born in 
is the same body that I will remain in
and I will be this way
and live this so long as I am here, that is –
on this earth. 

But until then,
what I have, as far as the external or the exterior
or what I have as far as our little worldly decorations
or the so-called possessions, if pulled back,
or if I scale this down to my basic truth
and down to the core,
then, in fairness, this is all I truly have
If I dig this deep,
then I will have unearthed my true nature
I will have revealed my true self and thus,
if this is me
then this is me, that is,
so long as I’m here on this earth 

My body is mine,
which will always be mine. 
I may look elsewhere and admire
or compare.
I might look around and want more
or hope for me.
I might want to explore the options
of updating myself
or improving my nature.

I may see things with envy
or I might compare; and more,
if I am unaware of myself,
then I might note my shame but still, either way,
what I have belongs to me,
which means this: Take this, for this is my body.

In this life,
I have one of two choices.
I can either see myself as unattractive
or fall into the void of self-despair
or I can fall to the unfair comparisons
and disregard myself or
I can learn to recognize my own beauty.

I can care for myself.
I can care for what I have.
I can care for my best features
and learn to accentuate myself
without shame or contempt.

I can accept myself for who I am,
which is perfect – absolutely because, yes,
it is suffice to say that the body is in fact a temple –
in which case, this temple is mine
if I am to find comfort,
then, I must first and foremost find comfort within my skin;
otherwise, the world is nothing else
but an uncomfortable comparison


In other words,
acceptance is key. 
Acceptance is the starting point
and, just to clarify,
after the awareness comes
the increase of our levels of consciousness
which then unfolds to a heightened level of understanding –
and so, once we understand who we are
and I mean once we truly understand this
and once we see our own perfections, at last,
we are free to understand
the benefits of who we are.

At last, we can let go of our stupid comparisons.
We can stop our envy
and learn to admire ourselves from within. 

So, in steps,
we found our key to start the ignition
We turned the switch,
we moved the personal mechanisms
from pre-contemplation, to contemplation,
to ignition, to ignite the system
which is action and, therefore,
once the machine takes off, at last,
our awareness can take place and finally
we can understand
the presence of our true worth

Suffice to say that if I do not understand my value,
then I cannot know my worth
which makes it impossible to find balance
I say this because if I don’t know my worth,
then I will always be searching for “Something”
to make me worthwhile.
This means I’ll never reach my value
which means I will always settle for less
or give in to the highest bidder
as if I could be bought or sold or meaningless,
like an item on a shelf. 

But not anymore . . .

If what they say is true
and if I am in fact created in the image of God the Father,
then I am like you and then together,
this means we all must be godlike,
either that or angelic
or possibly saintly –
or possibly more. 

If this is so,
then this means we have the ability
to either change or create,
to adapt and to overcome,
to expand or extend,
to love, to give,
to understand, tolerate, but above all
to endure . . .

If this is true
and that we are any of this,
then this means
we have the ability to grow, to forgive and resolve,
to find redemption
and experience salvation in this life and the next,
whether here or elsewhere
because if this is us,
then this will always be us, forever
and ongoing 

If my body is my temple,
and if a temple is in fact The House of God,
then this would only mean
that my beauty is inherent and thus,
if this is true
then neither my beauty nor yours
can ever be taken away.

This means neither of us can ever be degraded,
nor destroyed but instead,
this would mean that beauty like ours
is always unending, flowing,
pouring outwardly,
like a stream of consciousness,
like these words,
which means that, at last,
we have reached the final personal resurrection
to resound in peace,

Suffice to say
the exterior of my shell
will always be the exterior of my shell. 

My eyes will always be brown,
my skin will always be the shade that it is,
which is colored and painted,
tattooed as ever because
my temple is both decorated and celebrated

My fingers will always be the same length
or, so I hope.
and my legs and arms will look as they do.

However, true beauty stems from within
and, as such,
true beauty will always exceed
the layers of my surface. 

Therefore, if this is my temple,
then this is my temple. Therefore, this is my chapel.
This is my body and my sanctuary of peace;
thus, it is my right to claim this so, therefore,
if this is me, then this is me,
perfectly derived and crafted by the universe,
etched in time forever because if this is me
then like you, I am godlike too.

Born from cosmic creation
standing my ground on my own two feet,
because of this is me,
then the only way I can survive being me
is by being myself . . .
So, when I see my reflection in the mirror, finally
I am more than happy and more than content
because, at last, I am proud of what I see. 

Suffice to say that if I am to be happy with what I see,
then I have to work with what I see
and, therefore, nobody can take my happiness away –

but me . . .

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