Just a Thought, Just Because – The Fight Worthwhile

Be advised,
your words have more power than you think.
Be aware that you have more might
than you believe you possess,
and in your stance to fight back,
the remedies to your weakness are as follows:
if your will and intent can outweigh your fears and intimidations
you can withstand and endure anything.

You just have to keep this alive.
You have to keep this in mind because
I’m not going to lie, sometimes,
the fight is bigger than you think.
But that doesn’t mean
the fight’s not worthwhile –
because trust me
It is!

Stand your ground!

Sometimes the biggest fights
have been won from a humble position like, say,
from off of your back. Meanwhile,
your opponent is all over you, lying on you
smothering you and trying to make you tap.

But still, all you can do is try and pivot your hips.
All you can do is keep moving
look for the sweep
pull guard, and hold tight.
Do what you can to keep from taking damage
until you find “the out” and then
you pull a move
to regain top position.

Sometimes, it’s a case of David and Goliath.
Sometimes you’re in deep
and the fight is nothing but uphill
and being the little one
or being the weak one on the weaker ground,
or being the one who is been bullied or alone,
sometimes, the fight is bigger, more intimidating
and the opposition is out there laughing
or waiting with a smile
and waving you over as if to say,
“Come on. Bring it!”

I’m not going to lie,
standing up for yourself
or standing up for what’s right
can be a lonesome place yet
this is the only place we want to be
because otherwise, your reflection
becomes too much to face –
It’s like
you’ve been used
Like you’re on the bottom of someone’s heel,
stepped on and squashed
or rubbed into the dirty sidewalk
like a cigarette butt
that’s been burnt-up, used,
and extinguished.

the powers that be can be all-powerful
yet, at best, they’re only human
which means, like us. they have vulnerabilities too
And remember
all power does not make anyone all righteous.
In fact, the all-powerful can often become
all corrupted; hence, this is their weakness
So – expose it. Use this. Lean in
and make them weak.

Sometimes, you have to make a stand.
You have to decide
You have to draw the line
and defend your ground, no matter what
no matter how strong you might be
or weak you might feel
you have to come to an agreement
and make a pact with yourself.

You have to come to a decision and say,
“That’s it.”
Win or lose, you can’t give way
and you can’t give in because, hey,
if this is your fight, then you’ve decided
that this is your battle and come what may,
you have to dig your heels into the sand,
grit your teeth
and show them what you’re made of. 

Like I said . . .
Sometimes, it’s a case of David vs Goliath
or maybe it’s the tortoise vs the hare
and you’re the tortoise.
You’re the underdog.
You’re the one with all the disadvantages
and the only hope you have
is that slow and steady wins the race.

I’m not saying this won’t hurt.
I’m not saying any of this will be easy
I’m only saying that rather than fold or bend,
which, if we think about this,
fold or bend could make it hard
to stand up straight again –
But either way
if this is your ground, well
then by all means, cover your ground
and stand up for what you believe in
because otherwise, at the end of the day,
if you give in or quit
when you face the mirror
you might not like what you see.

And hey, let’s be clear,
you might take some lumps and, figuratively speaking,
you might have taken a beating
but in the end, no one ever beat you
because in the end, you stood your ground.
You stood up to the biggest
and the baddest son of a bitch around
and refused to go away. 

The game is called intimidation
and they know this.
The game is often misunderstood
because sometimes
the opposition stands to lose more than you do.

And, of course, the opposition has two losses to face
because first, they bullied the little guy,
which in and of itself is a loss
but who cares (right?)
but secondly and more importantly, in our case
if they lose
this means they lost to the underdog
or the little guy
or the so-called weakling
who never stood a chance
(until now).

And now,
they have to face their vulnerabilities
Know why?
Because they’ll have to choke on the fact
that someone small
got one past them.

They’ll have to scramble
Know why?
Because now that you outlined their weakness
and showed vulnerability, essentially, this is the case
of the sixth grade bully
getting pounced by a first grader
in the playground
after school . . .

In a sense,
this is winning a fight without fighting
because you used a plot and found your ground.

I’m not saying to go poke the bear
Then again,
I’m not saying not to either.

Just be sure –
Be ready
but be aware that when the fight comes
and the teeth come out,
stay away from the common intimidations
and look to your resources.
Look for your strategy of mass destruction.
Poke holes in their story
and when your back is at the wall,
get ready to show them who you are.
Get ready to fight back –

and give them hell!

You are more mighty than you think
just . . .
don’t let that go to your head
otherwise, you run the risk
of becoming the evils you fought against


So, look for me up in the rafters.
I’ll be the one cheering you on
but either way
stay humble, kid.
And trust me.
You’ll do just fine

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