Written this afternoon

I wish you were here to see this…..
Currently, the temperature is 54 degrees in Midtown Manhattan. The leaves have turned orange in Bryant Park and the city has set up an ice skating rink in the middle of the park’s winter village.
Everyone is skating around in the same direction. Some skate better than others, but everyone is still smiling.
I like that…
There are two women figure skating in the center of the ice. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a figure skater before. At least, not in person.
It’s pretty wild.
I can’t even skate forward, let alone, backwards or twirl as they do.

It would appear that some of the skaters are on their lunch break.
Perhaps they took a chance and ducked out of the office. Maybe they needed to break the Monday spell and laugh a little.
I get that…

Back when we were kids we used to play kickball at recess.
Kickball is like baseball, only easier.
The same rules apply, but there is no bat or baseball gloves. Instead of throwing an actual baseball, the pitcher rolls a big purplish air-filled ball to home plate, and the person at bat kicks the ball as hard as possible.
The bases are the same; first base, second base, third base, home. If a ball is caught on the fly, the batter is out.
The only difference with kickball is you can throw the ball at the runner and that counts as being tagged, which means you’re out.
The ball never hurt much, unless you were hit in the face. But that was called headhunting, and headhunting was against the rules.

We chose teams after lunch.
We played like kids play and screamed as kids screamed. We broke the tension with a midday release of adrenaline, and when recess was over, the game was done.
After that, we took turns drinking from the water fountain, and then we went back to class, and returned to our work.
The day moved quickly after recess……and that was a good thing.

At work, I am in the midst of preparing more then 300,000sqft of construction. I am also in the rotation for standby shifts that oversee more than 100,000sqft of asbestos abatement, and, I am still responsible for my daily routine.
Needless to say, the tension is getting thick.
The upper levels of management seem to be on edge, which strangles with white collars, who in turn, suffocate us in the blue.

Too bad we don’t have recess anymore.
I mean, there’s gotta be a way to break the tension….
But I don’t think anyone is interested in a game of kickball.

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