I see you like a leaf in autumn. You are beautiful; however, you are reluctant to change color and give in to the wind.
You hold on tight, gripping to the same branches you’ve clung to for so long. You believe this is the only place you can exist, so you refuse let yourself spin into the morning air.

You refuse to let go; you refuse to sail to the ground so that a child may pick you up and see how beautiful you’ve become.
And while you grip so tightly, forgetting to live, or breathe, or do anything but hold on to the wrong side of loyalty, you have missed lifetimes on a daily basis.
You squeeze so hard, thinking that if you let go, it would be the end
….but yet the tree remains, and you still weep as if one leaf means everything.

I see this tree as a symbol of resilience. The leaves it sheds are branches of generations, which spread out and become part of the earth.
(Just like us)
The seasons and color symbolize change: We begin as new. We grow into color. We feel the different chapters of weather; we survive the rains and the droughts, and then we evolve. We breathe out so that someone else can breathe in.
(Just like a tree)

I see you still holding onto the life that let you down. I see you as unaware of yourself. You are unaware of your own beauty and that, my friend, is the real tragedy.
You’ve talked yourself into staying as you are for so long, and now, the idea of changing, leaving, or growing seems like something someone else would do
(because you doubt your own ability).

But I get it…
You’re afraid to give in.
You’re afraid to feel and afraid to fall.
You’re afraid to let go because what if you do; who will you be then?
Who will be there to catch you?
And that’s the worst part; the fear of the unknown and the fear of being alone.
The fear of feeling, falling, and not being able to get back up can be crippling

Believe me,
you are far from alone.



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