never quit

There is always someone anxious to say, “You can’t do it.”
There will always be someone to say, “Don’t bother. It will never work,”
or they’ll tell you, “There are a million people out there doing the same thing as you.”

They’ll say, “There’s someone out there doing it longer and better.”
And then they’ll say, “I just don’t want to see you get your hopes up.”
They’ll explain, “I don’t want to see you fail.”
But that’s bullshit….

Sifting through divorce, I went to a weekly therapy session and opened myself up to the idea of change and improvement. I followed suggestions, and along the way, I decided to commit to the idea of writing on a daily basis.
I wrote small pieces, mostly. I wrote short stories and poems. My grammar was poor and my spelling was worse.
My sentence structure was clunky, at best, and I typed with my index fingers and everything was in capital letters.
I did that until I was criticized enough to learn how to type properly.
(If I type properly now, that is)

I started posting some of my poetry on a tattoo website. I posted a few short stories, and then I met a girl.
My therapist explained it was too soon to expect love from anyone. I was told, “You don’t even know how to love yourself,” which made sense to me.
I was told, “Don’t continue your old process. Change it and become better.”

I shared about my writing in one of my sessions.
The therapist explained, “Writing is very healthy.”
She told me, “It’s good to keep a journal.”
When I explained, “But I think this is what I want to do,” my therapist suggested, “Maybe you shouldn’t focus so much on being published.”

Then she showed me a few books that we written by some of her friends.
“These people have been writing for decades, and they had to pay to be published.”
She told me, “You tend to store hope in places where you shouldn’t, and I would hate to see you do this with something so helpful to you.”

In a following session, I talked about the girl I met through my writing.
I was told, “Don’t set yourself up for another bad situation. You’re not ready for a relationship.”
“But I think I am.”
“Well,” she said. “I think you’re not.”

That was my last session with that therapist. I decided that I would never let anyone dictate who I am or who I want to become.
I admit that I learned in some of those sessions, but I also learned about my own determination.
By the way, I ended up marrying that girl.

I saw that therapist once….
I was in a book store, sitting at a table with a sign that pointed to me and said, “Meet the Author.”
And while signing a copy of my book for a customer, I looked up and saw my old therapist pass by with her jaw hung open.

I mean, think about it.
There I was, published and sitting next to the girl who she said I would never last with….

There will always be someone out there to say, “You can’t do it.”
They’ll say, “Don’t get your hopes up,” and they will also be quick to say, “I told you so,” if you fail.

My best friend once sent me a video clip. It was an interview with Bobby Moresco, and I never forgot what Mr. Moresco said in that interview.
“No one can ever stop you from doing what you love to do. It doesn’t mean anyone is gonna pay to do it. But no one can stop you.”

I see this as my testimony
Keep going, no matter what anyone tells you.
Don’t stop.
Don’t give in to fear.
Don’t give in before the miracle happens, and above all else, never quit when it comes to doing something you love.

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