This is to him:

When you see her, you will know.
You’ll know because when you look,
her eyes and smile will wipe away the darkness

When you breathe in and out at the same time
When you compliment one another without words
When there is nothing lonesome
or separated
and the stir inside you
begins to whirl when she stands in the doorway…

that’s when you’ll know.

You will know because something within you
seems better when she is around.

It’s almost like being healed

There are no questions or concern
because there are no secrets
nothing is hidden

and nothing is concealed

This is to her:

When you see him, you will know.
When you no longer feel compromised, but instead,
you feel connected
that’s when you’ll know.

When it’s as though
there was never a time when you didn’t know him

it will be obvious
and you will understand that everything happens for a reason
and everything that happened before
is what led you this moment

You will see that not every man fulfills the sad expectations
you will know that love exists
and that it absorbs the outside contradictions

and transforms them so you can put aside the nonsense
(even if it’s just for one person )

And both of you will know that you are complete
….because there are no secrets
nothing is hidden
and nothing is concealed~

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