ten thoughts for sessions from the balcony

These are ten thoughts


My yesterday left the minute you walked out of the room
. . . and I never thought about you once
except for when I found the strands of hair that you left on my pillow.

But hey,
we all have to start from someplace.

After all, if it weren’t for losing you

. . . I don’t know if I would have ever found myself.


Whoever said, “One minute is not a long time to wait,”
has obviously never been met by extreme circumstances.

They never waited for life-changing news like,
“It’s a girl!”

Whoever said “One minute is not a long time to wait,”
has obviously never seen a loved one undergo so much pain
and the only thing between pain and relief
is that one minute it takes before the nurse arrives with another shot
(so mom can breathe)

Inside the span of one minute a life will arise
and as it begins, another will fall

All we can do is value what we have
even if it’s only one minute at a time.


If she believes in you once
I mean, if she really believes you this one time
will that cancel out all the other times you let her down?

See, I’m not sure if you realize this,
but one time you come through cannot make up for hundreds
times you let her down
no matter how great she may think you are
or how good your deed may be . . .
one good deed cannot make up for the thousands of times
she waited for you to call

Unless you try to spin it
unless you come up with an idea on how to make a little girl
forget that she was abandoned
that one thing you do
will not make up for the countless things
you never did

But hey, go ahead. Give it a shot
and do something nice
give her something to hold on to
at least this way she can pretend you’re telling the truth

Right, Dad?


A man’s love for a woman
is the same as his need for food or survival.
And truly, it is incredible what a man will do to survive.

It is amazing what a man will do when he is hungry —

and she becomes his only meal.


Suppose I reveal myself to you and beneath what you see,
you find the absolute truth.
Suppose I reveal myself and remove every layer.
Suppose I remove all the levels of pride and I strip the decorations
which I’ve always tried to hide behind.

Let’s say I showed you my world and explained that,
“Humility means that you’re just being honest
and modesty is nothing but the absence of pride.”

Say I wanted to be honest with you.
How would you see me?

Would you see me as  frightened
(which I am)
or would you see my honesty as bravery
no matter how deep my fears run?


To the beholder
a woman’s beauty and the scent of her skin
can heal the wounds of any man.

No, really.
It’s the truth.

She may not be able to cure cancer, but somehow,
when she lays next to you, she is able to make you forget everything
even if it’s only for a second.

If you ask me, I’ll take that
I’ll take that any day of the week

The way I see it . . .

Man may in fact hold the key to the universe,
but women are the cylinders into which the key is turned.


Sure, I have a past . . .
and sometimes it creeps up on me

But hey,
the same thing happens when I order the #7 plate
with a side of dumplings and an egg roll.


No words can pronounce a man’s success better than these

“I now pronounce you man and wife,”


“Goodnight, Daddy. I love you.”


Never forget to say thank you.
Otherwise, a time will come and suddenly,
you realize it’s too late
and you missed your window

I mean, think about it—

Redemption falls through the hourglass at the rate of constant speed
and if you wait too long,
there will be no time left to redeem yourself.



Love and live to the best of your ability.
Live long and out loud
Live without regard for fear
and dance whenever possible

Be aware of the lonesome
see what little they have
notice that you are not like them
and never forget the reasons why.

—Eat a little
—Play a little
—Laugh some
—Think some

Remember the fireflies, or lightening bugs
Remember that we chased them once too
Remember what it means to dream
Remember your favorite scene from your favorite movie
and try to relive it to the best of your ability

But whenever possible . . .

Try to watch the sunset with someone you love.

Believe me

You’ll be glad you did


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