Poem: Love and Lust

I am soaring through the pulse of your curves and moving through the swerve of your hips with an incredible fascination for your features and the way you make me feel.

I am wondering what it feels like to touch your skin with splashes of ice water in my hand as I press it against your chest to stand your flesh on end and chill your nipples to a stiff satisfaction.

I wonder how you would quiver as I traced your shape with an ice cube.
I wonder if you would shake as you arched your back to receive more.
How you would moan?
I wonder . . .
Or would not moan at all but instead just shiver with perfect anticipation?

I move into you like a shot through the night. My bullet is aimed directly at your entrance, and as I sink inwards, we settle the obvious questions about lust, love, and everything that comes after.

Moving into you deeper as you lay beneath me, I can feel myself drowned in the warmth of your body. Your lips are so soft. You are wet and I am stiff from your touch.
I give in to you
I give way and my mind retires its wild aggression for a gentle fantasy.

You d0 know I love this game . . .
Don’t you?

Now I am somewhere else.
I am laying elsewhere. A soft wind picks up from the turquoise shore and drifts across us on a secluded version of a white sand beach. Overhead is a sunset with a blood orange sky. Behind us, small waves move into sand and chatter as they tumble before returning to sea. Ahead of us are the poles that seem to switch and as we meet, gravity loosens its grip.

I am best this way . . .

Surfing along the edge of fantasy to envision you in every position.
Your heart’s interest is my own; your body against mine, your hips in my hands, and your legs around my back as I lay over you in a way to look down and see you best.

I am alive most when I am with you

I am alive with the different ideas of how amazing it feels to arrive in your body, inches at a time, and exploding slowly.

God, I love this dance

So seductive . . .

So sexy . . .

So erotic . . .

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