And The Band Played On

I went to a show last night

Madison Square Garden, May 2, 2016

The voices from the crowd were loud and all sung together in unison. There was nothing ugly or beautiful—there was only music.
There was only love, which was a love that was so great, literally thousands of people stood with their arms raised in the flash of brilliantly colorful lights. Thousands of people screamed their songs up to the ceiling while the band played on a stage in the center of the hall.

And this—just for the moment—is exactly what freedom feels like.

Freedom is unattached from the definitions of ugliness and beauty. With freedom, there is no ugliness. Everything is beautiful. And while the lights gleamed and the sound of chants and screams filled the arena; when the lights changed to a bright white color and the singer reached out to the crowd with the microphone so the crowd could hear themselves sing; everything was beautiful.

I loved the different songs. I loved the range between fast and slow. I loved the peeling sound of steel strings as the guitar cried out in high-pitched notes. I love the drums and how the tumbling crash of a drumbeat was able to change the pace of a crowd.
I loved the sound of bass and the tempo it kept. When put together on stage with singer, song, and instruments, the world is electrified and totally alive.
Even the quiet songs—I mean the songs that slowed the rhythm to ease the aggression and solve the incredible tension that comes with seeing a live show—even those songs were electrifying

And this—just for the moment—is exactly what freedom feels like.

I say again, freedom is somewhere detached from the lines of beautiful and ugly. With freedom, nothing is ugly and everything is beautiful. And while the band played and the crowd cheered, sweat poured from the body. Eyes closed to see the resurrection of emotion without the disdain for insecurity. And nothing—nothing in the world could separate us from the love we have for a song.

Freedom is the soul’s right to dance. And when the band played and the first song began; a shock-wave burst through the audience like an unbelievable explosion.
At the beginning of the show, the anticipation was too incredible. When the band took the stage, and when the first song  started with the guitarists intro; a wave of adrenaline erupted, and finally, the music was in charge.
The song opened with the appropriate lyrics.
“The waiting drove me mad. . . You’re finally here and I’m a mess.”
Life at a pinnacle reached a boiling point. For the time being, all else was unhinged and perfectly mad.

This—just for the moment—is exactly what freedom feels like

Freedom is disconnected from love and hate. With freedom, there is no hate. Everything is love. And when the music plays—when the songs unfolded, the crowd sung like a loyal chorus to the band.
As if there was an earthquake, the floor of the arena shook from the beat. There was no concern or reason to be self-conscious. There was no reason to think about the cosmetic or the commercially beautiful. Everyone in attendance was beautiful for the same reasons. Moreover, everyone in attendance was in attendance for the same reason.They all came to see the show.

I say again, freedom is the soul’s right to dance. Freedom is measured by the soul’s ability to sing. With eyes closed, and all the heart behind it; freedom is the mind’s way of allowing the body to experience what it feels like to stand in front of a stage while the band plays on. Freedom is the impulse to move with music. Freedom is to scream the loudest scream and feel the electricity as the band plays on

At the end of the show, pushing my way up to the stage with hopes to hear one final encore, I saw three women with tears streaming from their eyes. They were absolutely overwhelmed, Yes, the show was over. However, these three women were so inspired and so in love with the music—they were literally moved to tears and could not let go of the gate that separated the crowd from the stage.

I say this was incredible

I say this—at least for the moment—is exactly what freedom feels like

And it’s beautiful


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