The First Without You

Mother’s Day May, 8,2016

Of all things I think I said most, I probably said, “Don’t worry about it,” more than anything else.
“Don’t worry about it, Ma” or, “I got it,” was probably one of my most frequent responses to you.
When you asked me if I did my work in school or cleaned my room, I said, “Don’t worry about it, Ma. I got it.”
When you told me not to do something and warned me that I could hurt myself, I told you, “Don’t worry about it, Ma. I got it.” before rushing out the door.

Moms take care of us when we’re sick.
They clean up our messes.
they put band-aids on our cuts and Continue reading

You . . .


You . . .

You are a soft and gentle idea.
A feeling, perhaps.
You are a delicate shade of thunder
that rumbles with a sense of intensity
but moves in slowly to overwhelm the sky.

I am thinking of you as the sky weeps . . .
rain falls in large, drop-like tears.
The sound of wind rushes passed the homes
situated on a small quiet block.

It is daylight and still,
I am dreaming of a long slow day
that I wish would never end.

I am thinking of a couch along the wall
set below the front window of a modest home.
The long flowing drapes opened enough
for one to sit on the couch
and stare out into the empty suburban street.
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A Letter From A Son

As I’ve grown older, it seems as if life always gets in the way of things. I make plans but plans change. I tell myself, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”
Next thing I know, tomorrow passes and days add into weeks. Then weeks turn into months. In a blink of an eye, time passes, and I wonder how a year can move by so quickly.

I once saw a documentary about time in relation to size. Take a mosquito, for example. A mosquito has a lifespan of 24hrs. To you and me, that’s only one day—but to the mosquito; that Continue reading

The Inner Monologue Of An Everyday Man

Written as a stream of consciousness.
These were my thoughts as I had them today.

Wednesday . . . Thank God, the week is almost over.

“Take a deep breath.”

I got this

Standing on Franklin—waiting for a morning bus into the city, I watching gray morning clouds drift across the top of Harriman Mountain. The trees on the mountain have all become green, which makes for a pretty contrast beneath the gray rainy sky and the strands of long, cotton like clouds that drift by.

Spring . . .

I am at a moment where time Continue reading

And The Band Played On

I went to a show last night

Madison Square Garden, May 2, 2016

The voices from the crowd were loud and all sung together in unison. There was nothing ugly or beautiful—there was only music.
There was only love, which was a love that was so great, literally thousands of people stood with their arms raised in the flash of brilliantly colorful lights. Thousands of people screamed their Continue reading

From The Book of Firsts: Sex and Lap Dances

I was a salesman at the time. I was a 21 year-old in a suit and tie and carrying a briefcase. My industry was tough and rejection was all too common. At best, my love life was complicated and my need for female attention was at high demand. It was mid-day and the warmth of summer had nearly vanished. The autumn winds of October were cool, but the city was still warm enough to allow for lighter clothing.

I was a young man in New York City. I was tired of bad sales calls and Continue reading