The Cruise Ship

She stood on the balcony of her suite with her hands spread out on the banister. Her palms faced down, as her eyes gaze out to the sunset, which fell slowly into the distant palm of the Caribbean Sea.
Her long white flowing dress was backless. Her long hair was pulled away from her face and tied back in a bun. She stood curious, watching the sky change as the large cruise ship headed south for destinations of white sand beaches and tall palm trees.
The wind blew passed and the warm feeling of tan, sun-drenched skin caused her to inhale with a calm sense of satisfaction.

She stood with her left foot steadily on the floor with her right leg slightly behind and her right foot, tip-toed in position. The blue turquoise water was clear and the air was fresh and unbelievably clean.
All she could do was breathe. All she could do was inhale to take in the essence of this moment. She was content to look out at the sunset as it fell and feel mesmerized by the moment.

He emerged from the bathroom. His skin was tanned after a long day by the pool. His face was cleanly shaven and his body was slightly wet with a white towel around his waist.
He saw his love standing at the balcony. The sliding glass door to their suite was opened and the ocean breeze funneled through the room, which was oddly silent, but filled with the sound of the ocean’s movement.

He saw his love looking outward. Her back faced him and her backless dress, which cut just above her waist enticed a thought, which led to an idea he had been planning all day.

Quietly, he allowed his towel to drop as her slipped behind her. Wrapping his hands around her waist, he dug his face into the right side of her neck and gently placed his lips below her ear.

Her eyes closed as a sexy smile curled her lips. His hands ventured upwards along her stomach and then stopped at the bottom of her chest. As he cupped his hands to fill them with her body, she curled back, leaning into him, and allowing her man to have more room at her neck.

Spinning her around, the two faced each other placed their lips together. She reached around to hold him—sinking her hands lower on his body to feel the divots on the sides of his rear.
He lowered his hands to her sides. Slowly, and patiently, he inched her long dress up to reveal the center of her legs.
To his surprise, there was nothing beneath her dress. And once lifted, there was nothing between them but inches of space, which would soon close as their bodies connected.

With her eyes closed, she allowed her hands to detail the shape of his body. She enjoyed his features, his muscles, and the strength he possessed.
She rode her fingers down the spread of his back and shoulders. To her, she always loved a man with big, broad shoulders.
She also loved the feel of his kiss against her neck and chest. As he pulled the top of her dress down to reveal and taste her nipple, she allowed herself to moan, but only slightly. And though there was privacy to the balcony suites, it was clear that others enjoyed the same view in the neighboring rooms.

She did not expect him to push inside in this standing position. However, the feel of him plunging through and pushing into her opening was enough to make her weak.
The feel of him, inch by inch, deep inside her body was enough to cause her moan to rise above the sound of waves and the ocean breeze.

To quite her, he decided to drown the moans by placing his mouth upon hers.
She submitted in his arms and soaked below with the thrill of love and sex, she wrapped one leg around him to help his love slide deeper into her body.

Meanwhile . . .

Next door, another couple heard the commotion and knew what this was all about. She was a young married woman in a sundress, eavesdropping at the side of her balcony.
When her husband noticed her on the balcony, he went to investigate. Quickly, his wife held a finger over her mouth, as if to hush him before making any further noise.

The husband smiled with enthusiasm and lowered himself to his crouching wife. Together, they could hear the muffled sound of lust and love. They could hear the controlled moans, which came from an uncontrollable love.

Listening on, the husband felt something rising in his pant below.
“I guess we’re going to be late for dinner,” he said to his wife.
Looking up at her husband, the wife agreed, “I guess so.”
Overrun by the need, the husband loosened his belt around his pants. He revealed himself and dropped his pants to the floor. Listening on, his wife kept her ear excitedly pressed against the partition that kept their balcony’s private.
Standing behind his wife with his body erect, his blue polo shirt still on, a gold watch around his wrist to match a gold wedding ring around his finger—the husband placed a hand on his wife shoulder.
The wife turned to see him stiff and standing at attention. Her eyes opened wide. The wife reached for him, grabbing his thickness with her hands and opening her mouth to swallow him down to the base

As the two in the adjacent suite continued, the young wife moved her mouth over her husband’s shaft, sucking him, and stroking him at the same time.

In the other suite, the man turned his love around so she could lean against the guardrail. He pushed in to her from behind—sinking in as far as he could go and then retrieving himself to the very tip. With each thrust, his woman let out a moan as his hips slapped into her backside.

She reached underneath, placing her hands between her legs so she could touch herself. It was too much to keep quiet. The sun was nearly gone and sky was mostly dark. The light from the cruise ship and bedrooms brightened the balconies and banisters.

Next door, the husband was still standing. His wife was still at her knees, tasting him, and swallowing the pre-cum droplets that spilled into her mouth.

Looking up, she lathered him with her saliva and began stroking him while swirling her hand around the tip of his shaft. By this time, she removed her breasts from the sundress, which were full and plump. Her skin was pale and her pointed nipples were round and pink.

She aimed her husband at her chest, milking him in a way that when he could explode, he would explode all across his wife’s beautiful chest.

It became a race to the married couple. Who could make who cum first?
Who would win?

Leaning back, the married man felt every muscle stiffen. The wife swallowed him once more to soak his shaft and then stroke him quickly.

Suddenly, every muscle in her husband’s body clenched. He spouted exactly as she planned it. Then she rubbed him into her chest to spread his seed into her skin.
“See,” said the young wife.
“I told you a cruise would be the best way to spend our vacation.”

“Who are you kidding,” said the happily relived husband.
“I’m gonna call the travel agent and book another cruise as soon as we get back!”




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