From Bedtime Stories for the Insomniac: Jail and the Metaphor

This is it . . .

The door closes in the sound of a terrible echo that slams shut down a long hollow corridor. This is the sound of justice ending its sentence with the painful sound of an exclamation point.
On the left side of the hallway is a tall concrete wall that reaches up to a series of frosted windows along the length of the hallway at ceiling height. The unclear windows are partially opened and tilted Continue reading

For Olivia

 To Liv:

I have this small tiger near my desk in the loft of my home where I do most of my writing. He’s a small Bengal tiger with a green short-sleeved shirt that has red writing across the front. I keep it near me because this little guy means a lot more to me than just a little stuffed animal.
I know it sounds crazy . . . me being a grown man with a stuffed animal and all, but you’ll let me, I can explain why this little tiger has been with me for Continue reading

Sessions From The Balcony

Love In The Late 20’s

It was early morning on the roof of an East Side building facing the East River with the sun moving up above the buildings in Long Island City. The summer warmth was thick and the humidity was wet like a blanket.
A little plume of white smoke lifted from the industrial section of buildings across the into the orange colored sky. Uptown and Downtown, The West Side and East were all quiet in the hours of dawn’s first light.

I pulled a cigarette out of the Continue reading

From The Junkie Diaries

In the thick of it:

It was the beginning of summer in 1989. I was closing in on my 17th birthday. My friends and everyone I knew were off somewhere living life as teenagers should, and there I was, stuck on a job and wishing I was anyplace else. My hands and face were dirty with soot and grease. My long hair was matted with sweat after working in boiler rooms as an apprentice for The Old Man shop.
Inside my thoughts, I waited hours for that moment when that imaginary whistle screamed at 5:00pm. At last, the week Continue reading