A Letter To A Young Girl

Here it is another day and we’re back at it. It doesn’t seem fair does it? The time between then and now seems to slip by so quickly. And yet here we are, back in this place, and time seems to move so slowly.

I saw something this weekend that made me think of you. I woke early to take a long hike that ended with me at a big lake at the top of a mountain.
The sky was blue and the lake was clear. I sat on a rock at the edge of the water. I looked around at the tall green trees that grew around the lake. I looked at the large chunks of mountain rock that bulged from the ground and formed a rocky edge in some spots. In all my life, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a place as quiet and peaceful as this one.

Looking up, I watched a long black-winged bird hang in the air. Its wings were stretched wide, but the bird never moved its wings; not even once. It just turned and glided through the sky while looking down at us here on Planet Earth.

I’m going to hold onto this place and keep it close. This way if times get tough or I feel as if I might explode—I can visit this place in my mind. When things are too tough and I find myself someplace I don’t want to be, I’ll close my eyes and think real hard about this lake and what it felt like to have the sun on my face.

I wish you could have seen this place.
It was so beautiful.

If I’m going to live, then I’m going to have to “Liv Strong!”
(Just like you)

Here it is another day and we’re back at it. Here we are back someplace and we’d rather be somewhere else. I know I can’t make anything easier. But . . .
maybe if you close your eyes and think about this place real hard—it just might help you too.

Sleep tight Liv

Uncle Benny’s on your side!


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