Love Poem

And you . . .

The way you walk or smile;
the way you shift your eyes from left to right
and raise an eyebrow to hint the start of an idea.
The way your voice sounds
and the way your hand feels
when it touches mine
The way you breathe when you lay next to me,
and the way your face reacts to sunlight
as if the sun is only a shadow to you

You . . .

The way you laugh quietly to yourself
smiling about an untold thought,
to which I imagine
you are thinking of an early morning
someplace out east on Long Island.

You . . .

I imagine your face tilted upwards
to catch a view of the blue sky.
There is nothing but this moment between us
and there is no one but us in this moment between us.
There are no distractions
There is nothing else between us
except the exception of love

and life as it comes to us on the verge of happily ever after.

You . . .

Your eyes lay softly closed at the halfway mark.
Then you inhale
as if to hint the smell of life without the contingency of mourning.

I imagine you this
I imagine myself watching you sleep;
your body curled up and to the side

your hands clasped together like an angel
and your mouth formed in a semi-smile,
suggesting your dream

is enough to break the everyday madness
which often folds under the weight of life’s intensity.

I imagine that I watch you in the dim light,
sleeping peacefully,
dreaming as you lay naked in the flesh.
The moon filters through curtains in the bedroom
and the beams aim directly at you
The curtains sway because the partially open window
blows them enough to cause a sense of mystic mystery.
And I wonder; I wonder how it is
and how it came to pass
that our worlds twined together as they did.

I am lost in you.
I am lingering in the fascination of fate
Thinking of you and the dreams I had up until now.
I imagine you as you lay ever so quietly.
The warmth of your body radiates beneath the sheets.
I can feel your legs near mine and wish that they would touch me.
And if you touched me, I could feel the energy
that erupts within me

You . . .

Your softness becomes me.
Your skin is like a blanket of rose petals
and as you drape across my body,
I want to feel your lips against mine
I want to  think about a delicate way
to place my tongue in your mouth.

I want to feel your body against mine
I want to feel sensations that vibrates down my spine
our bodies collide
and the rest of the world subsides into the distance

You . . .

I suppose the question we ask is, “So what happens next?”
And this is a good question
because it is not often that love
finds its way like this.

What happens next?

I can sum the answer in one word:

We live
We live happily ever after

We live without leaving anything to chance,
but we’ll never be afraid to take a chance on anything.
We live like we’re not afraid to dance in the rain
and we’ll never forget what it feels like to be young.

We will live like each day is the first we met
and like every day is the last on Earth.

You . . .

With all my heart
and all I have

I give everything

To you


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