A Brief One From Sessions From the Balcony

Scene One:
set the stage, edging from summer into the fall, the scene is quiet and peaceful.
Ready . . .and action!

It was around sundown on an evening, midweek, and on the Eastside in Midtown Manhattan. I took to the 29th floor roof of my employer’s building after a long day at work. I was high above Lexington avenue and facing west at the new construction of a building, which is scheduled to be the second tallest structure in New York City.

I took in the scenery, amazed by man’s ability to build incredible things and yet destroy them at the same time. I took a deep breath to enjoy the last remnants of warm winds because soon enough, the weather will turn cold and we will have is our love to keep us warm.
Standing with my thoughts, high above the city, I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders, and to release my thoughts with a cup of coffee in hand, I considered the alter-ego imagination of alter-ego stories that filtered through my mind. I thought about the great accomplishments that come after typing the last key to a story and the feeling I have after clicking the green “Publish” icon on my computer screen.

I created love stories in my mind and thought of names for characters, changing my name in different mixed up jumbles—like say, take the name, Kim Bolin, which is my initials backwards, for example and her love interest Bobby, to which I imagined the as figments, but yet true to life characters of two young kids, eager to laugh and be nothing less than free to touch one another at all times.

I love these stories in my mind, although, they don’t always make it to paper. I love the feeling of redemption I have as I go over the tiny details, which I swear, I should write down while I’m deep in the thought. But life is funny this way. And what I mean is we plan things. We rehearse what we want to do or say, but when the lights and action or live—it’s like suddenly, life’s plans took an unexpected change.

Standing on the roof a building that was once the largest structure in Manhattan’s history back in the year 1929, I stand on top of a structure that employs me and helps me pay my bills.
I look at the windows of neighboring office buildings and I think about the lives behind them—I see people sometimes, sitting in their office, working at their desks, and I swear my dream sensation is amazing here because I imagine them and their lives or what I can pretend their lives would be like.

There are literally millions of people in this world.
How amazing would it be to capture this all in one beautiful story?

I think about the love stories and the tragedies, the ups and downs of life and the magical, unmistakable connection we feel when we meet good people during bad times, which inspire us, in a sense, to live, love, be happy, and to never forget what it feels like to do silly things, like say, walk down 42nd St and be happily loud enough that people who pass by, stare jealously because they don’t feel the same happiness in their heart.

I swear there is no victory better than to live out loud. And in the same respect, there is no tragedy worse than living with your heart in silent mode; therefore, when it’s time to speak out, I will speak out at the top of my lungs because I want to live out loud in every sense of the word.. Therefore, I will speak out loud because above all, I never want to ever leave anything unsaid.



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