From Sessions In The Balcony: Freedom

The feeling of freedom comes most at the dawn of our awareness when the sky is about to change. The sunlight sheds light upon our crazy little world. This moment above all is most important because that which was confused or left in the dark is now enlightened by the brightness of sunlight.
This is freedom, here and now, as the sun comes up over the town to convert our emotion into the language of a picturesque view and summarize this thing, which beats in our chest, or otherwise known as the hope we share to be this way, happy and free, for the rest of our lives..

It is here now that we can see clearly. It is here when we wake to our newfound awareness, when familiar people suddenly become strange, and strangers are more comforting than anyone else you’ve ever met before.
It is here now at the birth of dawn and the birth of your new ideas that freedom is found; your past comes to a conclusion, which had previously failed to be able to define for too long, but yet now, your eyes are open and you see things all so clearly. Your definitions have been cleared for you and your decisions are more deliberate now that your intention has changed its focus

Awakenings are a personal victory. And there is beauty in the pain that comes beforehand. There is beauty in the sadness, but more there is nothing more beautiful than the first breath of fresh air, once the past is left behind us, and I swear, it’s like stepping out of ourselves for the first time ever. The sun is on our face and the wind is  in our hair. Yesterday is fine to be left where it is because tomorrow is too promising to look back or be concerned with the dead weight, which held us back or detained to our own self-induced prison.

I want to love this way too without abandon and without apology. I want to love so much that my heart cannot be contained with just the word love because love is above all the one, bravest and true thing that no one should ever be given to destroy.
And freedom, on the other hand is to have love for one’s self, indestructible, an unable to be broken or compromised. And ah, there is that word again, compromise, which we admit to doing while compromising our dreams because our fear worries if our wishes will ever come true.

If I am to love for you than I want to feel the kind of love as if I would save the world just for you —and it wouldn’t matter if I were in it with you or not because unconditionally, if I am to love you, then please, let me love you without the selfish regard and worry about where I fit. The truth is I already fit in here, now, exactly where I am supposed to be.

And love, above all is the bravest and most dearest thing. I swear this is true. I stand here before you with a mouthful of prayer with my heart extended and I say to you it is all about the wellness of our soul. Nothing else matters. Bless us this way with a happy soul, so that we may understand the trustfulness of our love and keep it this way, undisturbed, untouched, and untainted

Think of the sun and its birth during a new day. This, to you, is the sign of your own personal genesis. This is the visual embodiment of your own personal resurrection. This is the sight of your redemption. And I need you to see it this way. Imagine the sun on your face, which is warm and gentle like the hand of a Blessed Angel, or a grandmother’s adoration as she strokes your cheek to help soften the sting of a time that went poorly.

Think of this in any location you choose; whether it is high upon a roof of some building on Lexington avenue or somewhere, like say, near the beaches of Condado, or Baja California, or say, watching the world take on color while sitting on a train and looking through the window with dreams in your mind and love in your heart.

I do not believe that we are forsaken —least of all, forsaken by a power greater than us. Instead, I believe we forsake ourselves, abandoning our hopes in an exchange to trade our most valuable love for something or someone that never deserved us in the first place.

I don’t want to devote my time to waste and once the dawn sheds light on this, it is clearest then, which is why I love the sunrise because it give me the time to realize that yes, I can love, wholeheartedly and unconditionally without the selfish need to feel repaid.

Now breathe—

See the light and make this day as beautiful as you are.

And trust me  . . .

you are beautiful and so much more than words define

Love always



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