1/1/2019- The First Day

 It all begins now—
It starts right now, as if today is the first day of the rest of your life.

In a short while, I am going to bundle up and put on sweats, a hat, pull up my head, and then I will step out into the January air and walk the hills in my town. I will look at the scene around me and take in the first fresh breath of the year. And then it all begins . . .

I begin these walks on an uphill basis. What I mean is I have mapped out a route that goes around my town where the roads go uphill on a steep incline. I begin at Lime Kiln Road.
I walk up the hills to get my heart rate going. In which case, I invite the stress because I see this as meaningful

There are times when life comes at us on an uphill basis.  There are days, when the sky is overcast. The air is cold and damp. My bones ache. The streets are quiet and sad, like now, and I have one of two choices on how to interpret my time.

As I write to you, I look through the window of my loft. The streets are wet after a heavy New Year’s Eve rain. The sky is gray; however, there are patches where I can see through.
I view these little open patches through the clouds as visions of hope. I see the openings in the heaven as a reminder that through it all; it can’t rain forever. Eventually, the sun will push through. Eventually, the clouds will dissipate and eventually, I will make my way up the uphill climb in my life.

There is an amazing phenomenon that happens when we replace thought with action. This is why I start my walks at the bottom of Lime Kiln Road. I let this be my start because the uphill challenge is very real to me. I see this as life. I see this as the people we work with. I see this hill as a representation of stress and fear. I see the hill as a symbol of doubt.

I pay attention to each of my steps. I pay attention to my breathing as well because, after all, breathing is important.
Breathing is essential to living. This is how we oxygenate the blood. And blood is what courses through our system. Our system is what drives us; it moves us. Our system on its own is absolutely perfect; however, our thoughts cause us to trip over our own feet. Our thoughts are the predicament. Not the body.

It has been famously said that sometimes, we need to save our own life on a daily basis. Sometimes, we need something to create a spark. We need something to create synergy; we need something to start the wheel that turns in our mind; otherwise, we find ourselves sitting in our own thoughts and rotting away from the inside out.

Today is January 1st, 2019—

I woke up early with one purpose in mind. I wanted to watch the sunrise. I tossed the covers from my body and went down into the kitchen to my trusted coffee machine. I pushed the magical blue button to hear the gurgle and hissing noise before the stream of hot black coffee fell into my cup.
Then I came up here to my loft. This is where I come to see you, first thing, every morning. I pushed the mouse to my computer to trigger its brain and the screen popped up as an empty page.

Truth is I only have so much control over life. The truth is that, which is out of my control is unchangeable. I can’t change other people. I can’t change what they think or say or do. I can’t change time.
I can’t stop tomorrow from coming my way and above all, I can’t go back or rewind the clock to a time just before I made a mistake or said something regretful.

This is unalterable

The truth is we all have times in life when we feel weak or beaten and broken. There are times when the uphill walk seems like it’s just too much.
We have no control over nature. We have no control over who comes in or out of our life. We have no control over who accepts us or rejects us for honestly being who we are.

There have been times in my life when I looked up at the empty ceiling, moments before I had to get out of bed —and I felt as if I couldn’t move. I swore that I didn’t have the strength. I didn’t have the energy. I couldn’t believe that this was the unfortunate circumstance, in which I had found myself

There have been times in my life when I lay there in bed with my eyes focused upon the numbers of my alarm clock.
Insomnia stepped in to leave me sleepless but still, the day was underway and tired or not, there was no way for me to hit the snooze button because the truth is; life does not come with a snooze button and life has no regard for whether we are tired or prepared. No, Life just happens.

There have been times in my life when I lay there in the grips of my sad, depression. I swore I didn’t have the energy to make it. And this might have been true at the time. And so long as I nurtured my energy this way, this would have absolutely been true. So long as I lay there, I would have never made it.

When it is toughest to get up; when it is hardest to get out of bed because, God only knows, and the thoughts are too heavy and coming from too many different angles; the world is closing in and the anxiety is just too much —this is when we need to get up most.
This is when we need to defy the thoughts in our head. This is when we need to replace our thoughts with action and this is why I choose to start my long walks on an uphill basis.
I do this to prove to myself that I can accomplish something. I do this because even the smallest, visible achievements are able to defy the debilitating thoughts in my head.
I choose these walks as a way to manifest the ability of my physical equipment

I take these walks because I choose to transfer my energy. And it works.
Someone told me where there is a will, there is a way. And I know sometimes it seems like we don’t have the will. But we really do.
I know sometimes it seems like we can’t take that first step because fear always gets in the way.
Doubt holds us back. The idea that we might not make it on our own needs to be outweighed by action, which is why we need to act. Otherwise, we give on.
We have to act. Otherwise, we feel ourselves rot from the inside out. This is like dying alive, which is worse than death itself, which is why I have to replace thoughts with action because this is the only way I know how to save my life on a daily basis.

In a short while, I am going to dress for the occasion. I am going to step out the front door of my home and begin my walk. I will take each step with true intensity. And as a result, I will have defied the whispers in my head.

Somewhere within us all is an answer. This is our missing link. Once we make that connection and find our source; once we identify our intentions and match our intensity, nothing in the world can stop us because above anything, we have the understanding of self and nothing in the world can take this away.

This is what it means to feel free
To step out
to walk away
to prove that we have the equipment to overcome

Time to go folks . . .
I have a few things I need to get out of my system so I can enjoy this brand new year

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