A man threw a stone inside his glass house yesterday.
He stood around for hours, wondering where the draft came from.
But me . . .
I applauded his abilities to make matters worse.

I laugh because we live in a world of pots and kettles. Everyone points. Everyone wants someone to blame.
And why not blame someone else, right?
I mean, why be accountable (If you can void it) am I right?

I guess it’s been this way for centuries.

I watched a man on the subway hand out flyers about salvation
Said we should all repent
Said we’re all going to burn
Sad we should repent if we want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven
He said this as if he were going to be there to collect tickets at the gate.

Come to think of it,
One of my favorite Bible quotes is from John 8:7
“He among you who is without sin, let him be the one to cast the first stone.”

Of course, no one is fit to be first
And neither can I

But I’m sure there’s a long line somewhere and everyone is standing around just waiting to be second…


I want find myself alone
and yet find myself in perfect company
without the worry of what might be or might have been.
I want to be quiet somewhere far away but yet, not far at all, and still within arm’s reach.

It will be morning soon: The sunrise. The sun will build and the sky will clear. I can see to it that I make my way.

As a matter of fact; I think I’ll go forward and keep doing what I love to do. Mostly because I want to and mostly because there are people that say I can’t; I think I’ll keep going because the odds are against me —and more than anything, I love to defy the odds.

I think I’ll keep going
I think I’ll keep doing what I do
(You know?)

Even if someone tells me, “It’s a waste of time,” I think I’ll keep going.
Besides, what’s the worst that could happen?
I think I’ll keep going because I want to be something
I want to leave my mark on this crazy place, which I call Project Earth.

I think I’ll keep going because I have to.
I have to keep going because the idea of me giving in just because you call this, “A waste of time,” is enough to make me try harder.

And it’s not to prove you wrong–
it’s just to prove to that I can
that I’m capable

I think I’ll keep going because I made a decision of what I want my tomorrow to look like.
Mostly because the sunrise suits me when I wake up happy, and mostly because I want to lay my head on the pillow at night, satisfied, accomplished, and achieved, and because I want to feel as if I have made a difference, even of for only one day, I think I’ll keep going the way I’ve been going.

I think I’ll push through the politics and work through the lies we tell ourselves. I think I’ll keep going until I reach my goal and make my mark.

Mainly because I believe in me, and mainly because I believe in love; I believe in the power of memory and the pictures in my mind, like the ones that bring warmth to my heart; and mainly because I love the underdog, mainly because I love to defy doubt, and mainly because at the end of the day, above any other authority, I am the only one who can truly validate me, I think I’ll keep going because at the end of the day, I am the one that has to be fine with my performance

So I think I’ll keep doing what I do
Know what I mean?


Not to self:
It is late and you . . .
You are dreaming
(Or at least you should be)

And me . . .
I am heading home on a bus, next to a man in a tight seat as he nods off, tired from a long day at work (I suppose).

Somewhere between here and now, and between dreams and reality is a quiet moment. Somewhere between everything in the mind, body, and spirit is a moment of stillness.

In a brief pause between inhale and exhale, the body is still, and one day, in a blink, all of what we’ve lived through and all of what we’ve seen will make sense to us.

I believe this
I just have to


There is beauty in your smile.
See it?
You should see is because it is easy to see.
It’s in plain view.
And it’s beautiful . . .
There is another kind of beauty. I see this in your sadness.
This is also in plain view, although, I’m not sure if people notice.
(Or do they?)

Perhaps the tears are blinding and it makes them see their own emotion.
In their vulnerability, they feel awkward and raw.
But it is these two halves which make you whole.

It’s what makes you beautiful.


Just so you know . . .

Perfection is relative to opinion.
So is beauty for that matter and what I see as perfectly beautiful may differ to someone else. But nevertheless, what I see and what I believe is still beautiful to me. And that’s all that matters.

Sometimes we lose faith and our ideas of perfection seem out of reach.
So we give in a little.

We surrender pieces of our dreams and we trade loneliness for temporary comfort. Rather than endure the fears of a disappointing lonesomeness, we become willing to accept a value that is lower than our own.
Rather than wait for what we want, we submit to the idea that our version of perfection does not exist
(But it does)

Sometimes we lose faith.
We forget what we deserve. We surrender to the wrong ideas of self-worth. We give in, and rather than stand alone, we stand with the wrong company because standing with the wrong company seems better than standing with no one at all.

And we try to rationalize our choices. We try to, “Make it work,” so we can give in and let denial take its place. We excuse unacceptable behavior and surrender our values to allow denial its moment to shade the abuse and make it seem bearable.

We forget something though.
Love is perfectly flawed; however, our flaws are not flaws at all. In fact, the truth is we are sought by the right people. So we shouldn’t waste our time on the wrong ones. 

The best part of any personal rebuild is equally the most frightening. But understand something: There is nothing so freeing as the decision to walk away.
There is nothing so enabling as the determination to become better.
And there is nothing so rewarding as putting in effort and seeing the changes you deserve.


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